Keri Russell honored with Hollywood star

Keri Russell honored with Hollywood star

Kimmel tried to steer the conversation back to Speedman being a "disaster of a boyfriend" but Russell just said he was a boyfriend who was in his early twenties. It's historic, and it's wonderful to be a part of it". Watch the entire unveiling and speeches by Russell, Abrams and Reeves below. "And she does it in a way that most actors would only dream of being able to do", Abrams said.

Women's Money in the Bank ladder match official for June 18

They said they would become the new SmackDown tag team champions, but the Usos told them that they should not embarrass themselves and leave the ring. The Women of WWE have been making history over these past few years with bigger and better accomplishments each year. They would also compete in the first-ever women's Hell in a Cell match on the main roster before their feud concluded.

Kushner ties to Russian Federation are questioned

Kushner ties to Russian Federation are questioned

President Donald Trump's top adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner , on the firing line for his reported attempt to set up a "back-channel" with Russian Federation, has received support from USA ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley . Former US intelligence officials have told Business Insider's Natasha Bertrand that if Kushner did try to establish a backchannel to Russian Federation without going through the conventional US intelligence paths, it would be "off the map", "explosive", and ...

Almost half of Trump's Twitter followers are fake

If you're still curious, you can enter Trump's handle, @ realDonaldTrump , into Twitter Audit , a service that assesses the authenticity of one's followers, and find that only 51 percent of Trump's are real. We all know that fake followers do nothing for your reach or engagement but simply boost your numbers and make you appear more popular than you are. In our audit, we found that most of the new followers that Trump is received are people with no names (or dictionary word names) and a ...

Angela Merkel warns Europe and the US are no longer reliable partners

Experts told SBS World News that while a USA withdrawal would be disappointing, it would not be catastrophic for the global agreement. "I haven't asked him", Spicer said. "He's created a dynamic where countries can say we're not going to do what the United States does, and that is actually a domestically popular position to take".

United Kingdom police have stopped sharing information with USA after Manchester leaks

Manchester police said on Wednesday they're investigating a network they think orchestrated the bombing, and the suspected perpetrator's father and brother were arrested in Tripoli . Nine men remain in custody for questioning, police said. Following the devastating terror attack at her concert in Manchester on Monday, singer Ariana Grande wants to do everything in her power to promote healing and unity.