Vision: Foo Fighters, Run

Vision: Foo Fighters, Run

The clip was directed by the group's frontman Dave Grohl himself, and seeing all the band members dressed up as ancient versions of themselves is well worth a look. Grohl, almost unrecognizable but for his trademark Trini Lopez Gibson, resembles a heavy metal Gandalf as they rock a crowd of fellow "inmates" gathered in the chapel.

WH says Trump expected to pull US from Paris deal

News of Trump's expected decision drew swift reaction from the United Nations. The U.N.'s main Twitter page quotes Secretary-General Antonio Guterres as saying: " Climate change is undeniable". Trump claimed before taking office that climate change was a "hoax" created by the Chinese to hurt the USA economy, an assertion that stands in defiance of broad scientific consensus.

Why Jeremy Corbyn won't be in the West Country today

Speaking in Leeds, Mr Mcloughlin claimed his party has long understood the importance of investing in norther infrastructure, while accusing Mr Corbyn of being a "late convert" to cause. "Our democracy deserves proper debate between party leaders, not just setpiece speeches and one-to-one interviews and Q&As". "It is a sign of extreme weakness for a Prime Minister to avoid these debates".

Portland victim's mother appeals to Trump to condemn acts of hate

Destinee Mangum and her 17-year-old friend, who is Muslim and was wearing hijab, were harassed on Portland light-rail train on May 26. Micah David-Cole Fletcher, 21, was stabbed in the neck. Macy, even with her headphones on, said she heard Christian before she saw him. When three men on the train intervened, trying to calm Christian down, he responded by slashing at them with a knife.

Baywatch Review: Priyanka's Hollywood Debut Gets The Lowest Rating

But thanks to the presence of Priyanka Chopra , who was also promoting the film here in India, Bollywood fanatics are eagerly waiting for the release of the film. Collider review said, "The real standout is Chopra. None of them are given much of anything to do, either", wrote IGN's Gav Murphy. Major critics were disappointed with PeeCee for being passive throughout the course of film and for picking up a role which doesn't justify her acting skills.

Tom Cruise confirms 'Top Gun' sequel officially in the works

I know. It's happening. Before ending the show, the actor was asked about the rumors over Top Gun 2 . Top Gun producer Jerry Bruckheimer tweeted a photo with Cruise last week, captioning it as the 31st anniversary of the opening day of Top Gun .