Here are SBI's new service charges that kick in from today

Here are SBI's new service charges that kick in from today

Apart from that the the largest bank will charge Rs 20 and service tax at other bank ATMs; and Rs 10 plus service tax for SBI's own ATMs. The new rules will be effective from Thursday (June 1, 2017). In non-metro cities, regular savings accounts are allowed 5 free transactions at SBI ATMs and 5 free transactions at non-SBI ATMs. However, the bank will issue holders of such accounts with a free RuPay debit card .

Tory lead narrows to 3 points: YouGov

The YouGov model suggested May would lose 20 seats and her 17-seat working majority in the 650-seat British parliament, though other models show May winning a big majority of as much as 142 seats and a Kantar poll showed her lead widening.

Game Of Thrones season 7 to kill off massive character?

Game Of Thrones season 7 to kill off massive character?

The season seven opener was billed by some as being "the longest ever " but will apparently run for 58 minutes, meaning three series previous premieres have been slightly longer and three slightly shorter. With the Season 7 fast approaching, it's sure to catch the attention of fans of the HBO show. The premiere episode of Game of Thrones season 7 is all set to start from July 16 and the show will have the longest season premiere.

Trump has 'unbelievable relationship' with Merkel: White House

But we have to know that we Europeans must fight for our own future and destiny. If Merkel is anxious about the alliance, she should do less complaining and get to work on ensuring her country does its share. "She is testing the waters for a more forthcoming policy towards France". "That gives America the great confidence that it will always be able to operate in a multinational setting with diverse allies that not only bring military capacity but also political weight to whatever security ...

China will continue with climate pact even if US pulls out

President Donald Trump said Wednesday he will announce whether the USA will withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change on Thursday . The U.S.is supposed to be a country that others look towards as a "global leader", and a bastion of democracy. Alden Meyer, director of strategy and policy for the Union of Concerned Scientists advocacy group, said "I don't think any other countries will follow the US out of Paris, so if he does leave, Trump will be in splendid isolation with ...

Star Wars Carrie Fisher on the Cover of Vanity Fair Magazine

And that seems especially true for poor Luke Skywalker. There are also some fascinating details on the film's new locations, including confirmation that Luke's hideaway on Ahch-To is actually "the first Jedi temple" Han claims Luke was in search of in The Force Awakens .