[Exclusive] Desailly tips Juventus to beat Madrid to Champions League glory

They're used to playing in these kinds of games, so it will be a great final. This season they have won all three of their knockout ties by a three-goal margin . Isco thrived in that position, becoming one of the team's best players late in the season. And the time spent resting paid off, as he scored 14 goals in his last nine matches, for his best run of the season.

Mr. Met Flipped Off Fans Even Though He Only Has Four Fingers

In one incident a player was photographed with a sex toy in his locker; in another, the team's once-vaunted pitcher Matt Harvey missed a game due to a hangover that he initially told the team was a "migraine". As the crosstown rival Yankees ended a second consecutive month in first place, relishing in the fruits of home-grown talent like Aaron Judge, Mets fans recoiled at how precisely the double zero on their mascot's jersey seemed to yet again sum up a franchise's status.

Dwayne Johnson introduced Baywatch castmates to 'butt glue'

Everyone's got their own set of unique skills which is really cool and it's fun to explore. Priyanka chopra's latest Hollywood flick Baywatch , which has a star studded cast with Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron in leading roles, is facing severe flak from critics all over.

Poll Projection Suggests British PM May Could Lose Upcoming Election

Poll Projection Suggests British PM May Could Lose Upcoming Election

UKIP's Glen Wilson who was a fireman in the RAF in the 70s and 80s, however, has other ideas and he believes Brexit will be factoring in people's minds when going to the polls and he said: "There's only one candidate who campaigned and was outspoken about Brexit and that was me".

Here's What Separates Wonder Woman From All Those Other Superhero Movies

She is a hero, uncomplicated, loving, kind. Wonder Woman is a massively popular icon and she's a rare example of positive bisexual representation in the media too. I'm not going to sit here and tell you that Wonder Woman is alright because it's been directed by a woman, or that it's the most progressive superhero film of the last decade .

Wonder Woman Is a Grand Success

He gave her the destiny of preventing Ares, god of war, from steering humanity to its destruction. No sword, no fancy maguffins, just her and the final knowledge of her own infinite power which results in a frankly explosive lightning power that we had absolutely no clue she was capable of, sending Ares into oblivion.