What was James Comey thinking when he met with Trump?

The Committee announced on May 19 that Comey would testify after Memorial Day. Both the Senate and the House of Representatives also have committees conducting their own probes into possible ties between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign.

New Mutants Recruits The Originals' Blu Hunt As Mirage

New Mutants Recruits The Originals' Blu Hunt As Mirage

Rosario Dawson has been in negotiations. It will tell of five diverse teens learning to cope with their superpowers who must escape a secret facility where they are being held against their will. The last role to be filled was Moonstar, a character who is Native American and who has the power to create illusions drawn from the fears and desires of a person's mind.

China vows to commit to Paris climate accord

China vows to commit to Paris climate accord

Li reaffirmed China's position on climate change as well as other worldwide and regional hotspot issues, and hoped to join Germany in tackling global challenges and contribute to global and regional peace, stability and prosperity. In addition to expanding its global economic reach in the wake of the USA climate pivot, Chinadialogue.net's Isabel Hilton said China will now also be looking to expand its diplomatic influence.

Wonder Woman producer has high hopes for potential sequel

Much like the praise offered by co-star Robin Wright, who called attention to the movie's intention to promote, " equality and justice ", Jenkins and Gadot definitely seeming to be lapping up plenty of praise for their critically heralded and female-centric franchise film.

Leonardo DiCaprio criticises Trumps withdrawal from Paris

He said he was open to renegotiating the deal, but experts said the chances of that happening were remote. "This is an open goal for China to step up and be the most responsible global leader on the planet and do so in a way that is not threatening to anyone", said Nick Bisley, a professor of worldwide relations at La Trobe University in Melbourne.

Fired FBI director to testify in open session about Russia, election

But the White House has vehemently denied Trump ever said anything that would pressure Comey to back off of Flynn or the larger Russian Federation investigation. The term was not coined until the 1950s, but most presidents have invoked some version of it, said Mark Rozell, a professor of government at George Mason University.