Eagles' Chip Kelly: Sam Bradford's our quarterback

Does déjà vu enter into the equation here? "We know we have a long way to go", Murray said. The running game was always meant to be the cornerstone of the Philadelphia Eagles' offense . He has 192 of his 239 yards in the last two games. For the season, Beckham has 38 receptions for 489 yards with four TDs. The Giants' run defense is greatly improved.

Grassroots Support for Bernie Explodes After Debate

In the new survey, Vice President Biden, who hasn't decided whether to run, was at 11%. Biden watched the Tuesday matchup from Washington. Biden jumping into the race would help Sanders enormously, as 39% of Biden supporters have Clinton as their second choice.

Major League Baseball Playoffs Results: Kansas City Royals Advance To World Series Against New

The 2015 World Series begins Tuesday at Kauffman Stadium. Appreciating all the Royals do, Gibbons summed it up simply, but insightfully: "They are just a good baseball team". A win in four or five games by either team would be surprising. Now, you can attribute that to the ability to manufacture runs, to string together hits, to nickel and dime opponents, or what have you.

Bernie Sanders Hits Hillary Clinton On LGBT Rights

On one half of the space, the Clinton fans seemed organized & polished. They were certainly the loudest contingent at the dinner, but Sanders' demeanor, his perpetual scowl, and his constant invocation of "revolution" places a hard cap on his appeal.

Preseason SEC favorite Auburn is now last in the SEC West standings

But Auburn was not done. Two plays after that Kody Walker ran into the end zone to provide Arkansas a 38-31 lead. It had a nice drive for a game-tying field goal to send the game to overtime. Walker had missed much of the season with a broken bone in his wrist. Gus Malzahn offenses are best when he has a quarterback with nimble feet, one who can get around the edges of the offensive line and pick up yards in chunks.

Nexus 6P First Impressions Review: Unboxing and Setup

Furthermore, as for the phone's  CPU , the report also mentioned that the phablet is powered by a  Qualcomm  Snapdragon 810  processor  and it will be backed up by a 3GB of  RAM , pretty much the same amount of  RAM  from last year's Nexus 6 phone.