Sylvester Stallone Responds to Oscars Snub

Sylvester Stallone Responds to Oscars Snub

That film has been described as the night's biggest loser, given that it missed out on Best Picture and Best Actor, despite the wild enthusiasm that greeted it on release. The 65-year-old unleashed a furious tirade on Twitter after Mark Rylance "robbed" his older sibling's Best Supporting Actor statuette for Creed . 'Sly, just remember, no matter what they say, to me you are the best, you were the victor.

USA gov't can not force Apple to unlock iPhone: judge

Orenstein rebuffed the government's position Monday citing a previous bill that Congress considered and rejected, which would have allowed law enforcement agencies access to locked cellphone to mine data. The US government sought to get Apple to help break into the iPhone under the auspices of the All Writs Act, which is what is being relied on in the San Bernardino case - a 1789 law that gives wide latitude to law enforcement.

Super Tuesday and why it is important to the United States presidential election

Super Tuesday and why it is important to the United States presidential election

Alaska will have only a Republican caucus while American Samoa will have only a Democratic one. But a WFAA Texas TEGNA poll last week showed the senator tied with Republican frontrunner Donald Trump - both at 32 percent. All of this points to a huge Super Tuesday showing for Trump , and even Kasich agrees as he predicted the billionaire will sweep every state.

Priyanka Chopra gives away Oscar to 'Mad Max: Fury Road

Iñárritu was given the Achievement In Directing for The Revenant. Brie Larson took home the Best Actress award for her performance in " Room ", toppling Saoirse Ronan for " Brooklyn ", Jennifer Lawrence for " Joy ", Charlotte Rampling for " 45 Years ", and Cate Blanchett for " Carol ".

Leonardo DiCaprio says all the right things during Oscar acceptance speech

Common , who won an Oscar past year for his song "Glory", said the film community is aware there's a problem, but now it's time "to work toward a solution". I thought about quitting, I thought about it real hard but then I thought, 'they are going to have the Oscars anyway and the last thing I need is to lose another job to Kevin Hart.'"4".

Migrants protest at Greece-Macedonia border as bottleneck builds

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Sunday that Europe can not allow Greece to plunge into "chaos" by shutting countries' borders to refugees , just months after Athens' third huge global bailout. Stephan Weil, the Social Democrat premier of the state of Lower Saxony, hit back on Sunday, calling for a bigger social services budget in order not to alienate ordinary Germans as the country accommodates over one million migrants .