Rubio: A Vote For Trump Is A Vote for Hillary

In another sign of voters' rejection of the so-called establishment and the Republican party, few say the GOP represents them very well, and four in ten say they feel the GOP does not represent them (though it at least does better than the Democrats, they say).

Watch movie fans celebrate Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar win - at the cinema

Watch movie fans celebrate Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar win - at the cinema

That was followed by the show's pairing of Steve Carell and Tina Fey at 9:22 p.m. ET. Of course he said it wasn't as easy as just asking his wife to work with him on the project. Rock took a pointed shot at actress Jada Pinkett Smith, who was one of the first celebrities to come forward to announce plans to boycott this year's telecast over the lack of diversity.

Ted Cruz: "Nominating Donald Trump Will End Up Electing Hillary Clinton"

Political analyst Josh Putnam, interviewed for the Washington Post, said the different totals are because the Republicans only allocate three delegates per congressional district, whether is heavily Republican, while Democrats allocate more delegates in Democrat-heavy districts.

U.S. gov't can not force Apple to unlock iPhone: judge

The extraordinary relief [the government] seeks can not be considered 'agreeable to the usages and principles of law.' In arguing to the contrary, the government posits a reading of the latter phrase so expansive - and in particular, in such tension with the doctrine of separation of powers - as to cast doubt on the AWA's constitutionality if adopted.

Cruz hints at possible Trump mob ties

All five remaining presidential contenders have each campaigned in Tennessee this week ahead of Super Tuesday. Trump also said he had clearly made separation with Duke over the weekend in posts on Twitter and Facebook . However, his rival Senator Ted Cruz is expected to take Texas, which has 155, the highest number of any of the states involved in Super Tuesday. Cruz, campaigning in his home state of Texas, told reporters that a general election between Trump and Clinton would ...

US 'Super Tuesday' Presidential Primaries Likely to Shift Election Balance

US 'Super Tuesday' Presidential Primaries Likely to Shift Election Balance

He was sticking with his all-out assault on leading GOP rival Donald Trump's character, vowing to "never let the Republican Party and conservative movement be taken over by a con artist". The question for Trump may not be if he wins, but how many states he wins, with his competitor John Kasich saying he could win all the states. GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton are poised to win a majority of the primary states after strong showings in the ...