Chris Rock rocks one of the most surprising Oscars in years

Director Alejandro González Iñárritu invoked the diversity controversy when accepting his best director award for The Revenant . But the real magic happens behind the curtain. Tom Hooper! For his awkwardly sheepish stutter wave when best supporting actress victor Alicia Vikander asked from the stage, "Where's Tom?" Let's just hope Rock doesn't have to say it all again next year.

Leonardo DiCaprio on getting his Oscar engraved: 'I wouldn't know'

They were supposed to free up Oscar recipients to say something profound during their 45 allotted seconds on stage. "Y'all would be watching Neil Patrick Harris ". We're sending reporters to anti-Oscars protests around the country, and our critic at large Wesley Morris and reporter Melena Ryzik will be liveblogging the telecast.

Trump, Clinton ahead in Super Tuesday states

Trump, Clinton ahead in Super Tuesday states

Trump has expanded his lead over the diminished field to capture the support of almost half of Republican voters, while Clinton tops Bernie Sanders by almost 20 points on the Democrat votes, according to a CNN/ORC poll. Ted Cruz, meanwhile, said it's "unfortunate" that Trump won't condemn former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, and said a white supremacist group is making robo-calls urging people, "Don't vote for the Cubans in the race".

Leonardo DiCaprio Jokes While Getting Oscar Engraved

Leonardo DiCaprio Jokes While Getting Oscar Engraved

The 2016 Oscars have come under a lot of pressure for a lack of diversity, with controversy and boycotts at the forefront of this particular telecast. "There are things that happened in Star Wars that are more believable than things that happened to Rocky ". The program's notoriously long length-this one went three hours and 21 minutes, not counting the pre-show-also puts a damper on ratings as the night wears on and, for many, sleep beckons.

Cruz rallies support in S.A. ahead of Super Tuesday

He was outshone by John Kasich in New Hampshire and lost SC to Donald Trump. According to the most recent polls , Trump appears poised to win in the majority of Super Tuesday states, with Senator Ted Cruz showing a 9 point lead in his home state of Texas, and a slight edge over Trump in Arkansas.

Leonardo DiCaprio says winning his Oscar feels 'incredibly surreal'

The controversy , which was attached to the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite, was immediately taken on by host Chris Rock who opened the show with amusing yet pointed commentary. At least this time around there was some interest provided by the way Mad Max seemed to be sweeping many of those awards. "I wasn't invited." "She says it's not fair that Will [Smith ] was this good and he wasn't nominated".