Debt Ceiling Fears: Treasury Department Postpones Auction Over Borrowing Limit

That measure stood no chance of passing the Senate, but would at least show effort. Examples include the Budget Control Act of 2011, which raised the debt limit in exchange for dollar-for-dollar cuts in spending, and the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985 (Gramm-Rudman-Hollings), which raised the debt limit in exchange for a five-year plan to balance the budget.

Oklahoma Judge Sets Bond At $1 Million In Parade Deaths

Adacia Avery Chambers initially was held on a charge of driving while under the influence. Four dozen people were also injured, five of them critically, in the incident that sent shockwaves through the college town about 70 miles west of Tulsa.

CNBC debate moderators: Becky Quick, John Hardwood, and Carl Quintanilla

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio complained that after Clinton testified before the House Benghazi Committee, the media praised it as her best week in months, but that she was actually "exposed as a liar". Recreational marijuana, of course, being legal in Colorado. Ben Carson and Donald Trump were asked why their numbers on their tax plans don't add up, and Republicans scream media bias.

Chelsea F.C. Striker Diego Costa Hospitalised With Rib Injury

Chelsea F.C. Striker Diego Costa Hospitalised With Rib Injury

You think my players are not giving everything to win the game? Stoke were beaten 2-0 by Watford in the Premier League on Saturda, but they their Cup task seems a tad lighter as it is a struggling Chelsea that arrive at the Britannia Stadium.

The GOP Debate Clock: Who Spoke The Longest

Trump also got a boost recently when Politico reported that 81 percent of Republican insiders who they check with regularly believe that the odds of Trump winning the nomination have grown measurably over the last two months. Kasich had a bone to pick with Trump , too, over comments The Donald made about Ford moving its plant from Mexico to Ohio, something Kasich can take partial credit for.

Watch Elijah Cummings Great Takedown of the Bogus Benghazi Hearings

She sat near Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee, D-Texas. "What you have here is another big test for Hillary Clinton, and another big test that she appears to have passed". He said this hurt "Trey Gowdy, the guy who looks like a baby possum on Picture Day at school". A few of Clinton's best political moments have come when she is under siege.