Warriors top Thunder to sweep season series

The teams went toe-to-toe, matching highlight with highlight, before the Warriors stepped on the gas late in the contest, leaving the Thunder in the dust. insane". "It's insane. You can't even dream this stuff up". Both players rocked sneakers they've been wearing all season-Davis balled in the Nike Air Max Audacity while Duncan went with his stalwart, the adidas Crazy Quick.

Sanders wins in Kansas

Sanders wins in Kansas

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who bowed out of the Republican race last month, pushed for the change to a caucus that also allowed him to pursue re-election to his Senate seat, a decision that Saturday won decidedly mixed reviews. "He's sexist and he's racist, and I would hate to see someone like that as a presidential candidate", said 20-year-old Halie Saldana, who emerged from her voting location at Lewiston Middle School wearing a Ted Cruz sticker on her shirt.

Yearlong spaceman plunges into pool: 'Man, that feels good'

Astronaut Scott Kelly is back on Earth reliving almost a year in space, which is helping NASA evaluate the effects of long-term space travel. Now that Kelly has returned to the U.S., West Orange residents are welcoming him back with open arms.

Donald a fraud and phony: Mitt Romney

In a freakish moment in Thursday evening's GOP presidential debate, Trump dredged up a recent slight by rival Marco Rubio over the size of NY real-estate magnate's hands. While Trump apologized for referring to Rubio as a " lightweight " before, he kept knocking Rubio as "little Marco" in another not-so-veiled attack at the other man.

Donald Trump: I want Cruz one-on-one

Cruz  wasn't sold. "If you want to beat Donald Trump here's how you do it: You beat  Donald Trump  with the voters",  he said . Nearly half (45%) thought  Trump  would improve the  United States'  standing in the world, compared to 27% for Rubio and only 20% for  Cruz .

Personal attacks fly between Trump, Rubio as Kasich defends continuing campaign

Romney said in an unprecedented speech Thursday morning that Trump's domestic policies will lead to recession and his foreign policy will make the country less safe. He hit back during the debate, calling Romney an "embarrassment" to the GOP . Sasse has said he would not endorse Trump if he won the Republican nomination.