Taliban says rejects "futile" Afghanistan peace talks

Officials have said most militants calling themselves IS are disgruntled Taliban fighters. Taliban has rejected to participate in peace talks with the Afghanistan government. Ahmad Chaudhry, head of Pakistani delegations, (R) listens during a meeting in Kabul , Afghanistan February 23, 2016. Critics point out that the Taliban now controls more land than at any time since the U.S.-led invasion of 2001 meant to topple its government.

Disney's 'Zootopia' opens big with $73.7 million debut

In terms of first weekends, period, the Disney Animation record previously belonged to " Big Hero 6 ". It's prequel, Olympus Has Fallen was a sleeper hit after debuting with $30.4 million. March was once seen as a dumping ground for movies, but the success of spring releases like " The Hunger Games ", " Alice in Wonderland ", "Cinderella", and now " Zootopia " has shattered that prejudice, analysts say.

Trump's S.C. backers not deterred by KKK controversy

Trump's S.C. backers not deterred by KKK controversy

On Monday, perhaps sensing that refusing to distance himself from someone who has called for separate white and black nations is a bad play politically, Trump blamed Sunday's slip-up on the "lousy earpiece that is provided" by CNN's faulty technology.

Hillary Clinton wins Louisiana's Democratic primary: US television

Though Cruz won more delegates Saturday, Trump had first-place wins in Louisiana and Kentucky, and noted he has scored second in virtually every race he hasn't won. Rubio had 123 delegates and Kasich had 34. Rubio and Kasich lag far behind in the race to reach the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination.

Sharapova calls news conference to make 'major announcement'

Sharapova calls news conference to make 'major announcement'

Sharapova has not played since the Australian open, where she lost to nemesis Serena Williams in the quarterfinals. Just days ago she announced she was pulling out of the BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells because of an arm injury, while a leg problem caused her to miss last year's US Open.

Sanders, Cruz win two each

Trump's victories in Louisiana and Kentucky , although impressive in a vacuum, were also closer than expected. The biggest news on Saturday night was that Cruz, who won in Kansas and ME and finished second to Trump in Louisiana and Kentucky , crushed Marco Rubio everywhere.