Pippa Middleton announces engagement

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are getting a new uncle! It was reported on Tuesday (July 19) that Pippa, the sister of British royal Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, was engaged to Wednesday after her 40-year-old beau proposed during a romantic weekend getaway in the U.K.'s Lake District on Sunday (July 17).

Healthcast, New Questions About How The Zika Virus Spreads

On Monday, the Utah Department of Health disclosed it doesn't know how a man there became infected without traveling to a region where Zika circulates . A Zika case in Utah is a mystery for health officials as they try to solve a puzzle to a virus epidemic that has cruise passengers concerned. Edwards would not say how old the family contact was nor release the person's gender.

CDC reports "surprising" but rare ways to catch Zika virus

The family contact cared for him at his home and at the hospital "and could have been exposed to that individual's sweat or tears or bodily fluids", Frieden said. But while such non-sexual person-to-person contact could turn out to be a new means by which Zika spreads, health authorities are eager to point out that the risk of contracting the infection this way is incredibly low, with this being the only (potential) documented case so far.

Caregiver gets Zika from man who died in medical mystery

There is no evidence at this time that mosquitoes that commonly spread the virus are in Utah. It is primarily of concern to women who are pregnant or want to become pregnant, because the virus carries the risk of causing irreversible brain defects in the fetus.

People are kicking off after Pokemon Go servers go down

People are kicking off after Pokemon Go servers go down

While OurMine might think it's cute attacking the servers of a property owned by a multi-billion dollar empire like Nintendo, keep in mind that Nintendo doesn't mess around when it comes to protecting their properties and brands. This group has an intention that they were trying to make the technology better and making it easy to maintain the security of very popular games.

First Case Of Female-To-Male Sexually Transmitted Zika Found In NYC

First Case Of Female-To-Male Sexually Transmitted Zika Found In NYC

But infection during pregnancy can lead to severe brain-related birth defects for the fetus. Doctors have known for some time that a man can spread the Zika virus to a woman through sex. It's also unknown how long the virus lasts in the female genital tract. The timing and the sequence of events supported the female-to-male Zika virus transmission through unprotected sexual intercourse.