K9 missing since deadly Arkansas office shooting has been found

K9 missing since deadly Arkansas office shooting has been found

Kina was taken to Cornerstone Veterinary Clinic where she was treated for two bullet wounds and mild dehydration. Minutes later, the GPD added that she was at the vet for treatment of bullet wounds. Crews located her in a wooded area about a mile and a half from where a deadly shooting took place Wednesday morning. Officers and volunteers have been searching for Kina ever since she disappeared during the gunfight with suspect Billy Jones at home off Highway 253, police said.

Refilling your water bottle could be as dirty as licking your toilet

Refilling your water bottle could be as dirty as licking your toilet

The news about filthy water bottles comes as it is revealed half of Brits fail to check the expiry dates on medicine. The average number of CFUs on the 12 water bottles sampled (three for each design) was 313,499. Here's a breakdown of the bacteria on different types of bottle. One simple way to avoid your body being taken over by a bacteria army is to swap slide-top bottles (which contain over 933,000 germs per square cm) for squeeze or screw-top bottle, which come in at a slightly less ...

Texas Infant's Death Linked to Zika

Including Houston , there are 28 cases of Zika virus in Harris County, Shah said . Officials in Harris County on Tuesday announced that an infant who died a few weeks ago succumbed to complications from the Zika virus. This case was related to travel overseas. Her baby acquired the virus while in the womb and was born with microcephaly, a rare congenital condition that can cause an abnormally small head and underdeveloped brain.

3 babies test positive for bacteria at Maryland hospital

A spokesperson also told NBC that two babies recently died in the NICU, but did not say if the deaths were related to this bacterial infection or when the babies died. The Washington Suburban Sanitation Commission issued a statement reporting that water samples at a station near the hospital were clear and showed no signs of the bacteria that were present on the NICU patients.

Man faces drug charge after 24 stricken at Ohio music fest

Cleveland rapper, "Machine Gun Kelly" was the festival's headliner. Maj. Joe Masi of the Richland County Sheriff's Department told the Mansfield News Journal someone began tossing out bags of the colorful sweets Saturday at around 11 a.m.

US approves GMO mosquito test, but no release imminent

Oxitec's mosquitoes are engineered to include two copies of the baby-mosquito killing genes, overriding natural selection to make it nearly certain that their offspring receive the killer gene from dad. The results have been significant: They have reduced some local mosquito populations by more than 90 percent. And seeing as two babies were born in California recently with potentially Zika-related microcephaly and the CDC issued its first travel warning in the continental us due to an ...