Broncos whole again after ending 2-game slide vs. Texans

Osweiler needs to do a lot to live up to the contract he got from the Texans, and at this point, he's already way behind in getting close to realizing that hype. joint that clearly affected him in a 21-13 loss to the Chargers. Darian Stewart punched the ball from running back Alfred Blue's grasp and it popped up.

Two More Pregnant Women Diagnosed With Zika

After birth, the Zika Response Team will monitor the baby and conduct regular brain, hearing and sight tests for at least three years. Doctors often answer her questions by saying "I don't know", illustrating the gaps that remain in their understanding about how Zika affects pregnancy.

Pakistani army: Quetta police academy attacked, hostages taken

Attackers reportedly entered the hostels of the training centre and opened fire, possibly also taking some police personnel hostage. A spokesperson for the Balochistan government told Geo News that there was prior intelligence of the attack and security was put on high alert.

Webcams involved in Friday's internet recalled

Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology , a Chinese company whose DVRs and webcams were hijacked and used to carry out the DDoS attack , is recalling all of its webcam models, according to Reuters . "The issue with these particular devices is that a user can not feasibly change this password", Wikholmtold Krebs. El Reg has been banging on about IoT security for ages.

Fact-Checking Trump's Statements On 'Partial-Birth' Abortion

Fact-Checking Trump's Statements On 'Partial-Birth' Abortion

And in this case, it is not only about Roe v Wade . It is about what's happening right now in America. And Clinton addressed the dire situation on the ground, with the "very stringent restrictions" in many states. "I do not think the United States government should be stepping in and making those most personal of decisions". "The gravity of making that choice-of deciding that an abortion is the best option for your family and baby when it was a planned pregnancy you very much wanted-is the ...

This Baby Girl Was Born Twice

This Baby Girl Was Born Twice

It is a condition that strikes one in 40,000 pregnancies as a tumor develops in an infant's tailbone. More common in baby girls than boys, the tumor is nonetheless "still pretty rare", occurring in approximately one out of every 35,000 births.