25 Percent of Men Infected with Cancer-causing HPV — CDC

25 Percent of Men Infected with Cancer-causing HPV — CDC

Jane Korn , medical director of health promotion and chronic disease at MDH, in an interview with MinnPost. In addition to cervical cancer , more than 90 percent of anal cancers and 70 percent of vaginal and vulvar cancers are thought to be caused by the HPV virus.

Giraffe born in front of park-goers at Memphis Zoo

An eight-year-old giraffe named Orla gave birth to a five-foot-tall Rothschild's giraffe calf after a four-hour labor on Monday, The Chester Zoo in Chester, U.K., said in a statement. "Have you seen this?" Meanwhile, in New York, April has become worldwide drawing millions of views from across the globe after falling pregnant at Harpursville's Animal Adventure Park.

Illegal opioid prescription scheme busted in NY, officials say

Illegal opioid prescription scheme busted in NY, officials say

The former assemblyman is Alec Brook-Krasny, who resigned from his seat in July of 2015 to become chief operating officer of Quality Labor Services. Other suspects include physicians 57-year-old Paul McClung and 56-year-old Michael Taitt; physicians' assistants 59-year-old Marie Nazaire and 59-year-old Juan Cabezas; 53-year-old nurse practitioner Marjorie Louis-Jacques; 43-year-old physical therapist Reynat Glaz; as well as office managers 65-year-old Konstantin Zeva, 64-year-old Rachel ...

Giraffe watch: Distracted April's rear end shows 'significant' bulging

Staffers at Animal Adventure Park , home of April the eternally pregnant giraffe , are not dummies. The video stream initially launched in February and attracted moderate interest, but after a YouTube user flagged it for "sexual content" and nudity, the feed quickly went viral and generated a massive following.

Ex-Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo could return to play in NFL

Romo joined CBS Radio's 105.3 The Fan on the Ben and Skin show Wednesday evening to explain his decision to become CBS's #1 color commentator for National Football League games. Jones didn't mind waiting because he was determined not to make the same mistake with Romo that he did three years ago with DeMarcus Ware. It's the last two stats which define his career for Cowboys fans.

Heat hit franchise-record 21 3s to move back into 8th seed

The plan wasn't necessarily for the Miami Heat to sink as many 3-pointers as possible Wednesday. The Heat closed the first half with Whiteside on the bench with three fouls, having attempted only one first-half shot, scoreless in his 14 first-half minutes.