Companies prepare for more WannaCry ransomware attacks

The massive ransomware attacks that started late Friday have locked people out of their computers and demanded hundreds of dollars from the users before they could regain control. How adept each agency has been at upgrading its systems has largely to do with available resources. Radio Slovenia said Saturday the Revoz factory in the southeastern town of Novo Mesto stopped working on Friday evening to stop the malware from spreading.

Cyber attack hits 2,00000 in at least 150 countries: Europol

At the height of the attack Friday and early Saturday, 48 organizations in the NHS were affected, and hospitals in London , North West England and Central England urged people with non-emergency conditions to stay away as technicians tried to stop the spread of the malicious software.

Bosses fear further infections from ransomware — NHS cyber-attack

But many corporations don't automatically update their systems because Windows updates can screw up their legacy software programs. Consumers are also at risk. Bad guys generally target Windows far more than Apple's operating system because there are vastly more computers running Windows around the world. "Frankly, if you wait two months to apply a critical Microsoft patch, you're doing something wrong", he said in a statement.

Cyber attack: Ransomware and all you need to know about its dangers

Brad Smith criticized US intelligence agencies, including the CIA and National Security Agency, for "stockpiling" software code that can be used by hackers. Other researchers, including Kevin Beaumont, are also telling us they haven't yet seen a variant of WannaCrypt without a kill switch. The program demands an initial $300 in bitcoin, threatening to destroy the data if no payment is received - and increase the fee after seven days.

Man arrested in viral road rage incident has history in Chesapeake

Man arrested in viral road rage incident has history in Chesapeake

Another driver caught the heated confrontation on cell phone video. Starowicz passed the other vehicle and slammed on the brakes. Starowicz threatened to kill the driver of the white van, James Nathaniel Robinson, 34, of Tampa. He was later identified and arrested for burglary of a conveyance, driving while license suspended, and leaving the scene of a crash. Without further action, Starowicz returned to the Jeep and fled westbound on I-4.

Florida teacher accused of having sex in auto with former student

Florida teacher accused of having sex in auto with former student

Stigger is a teacher at Forest Glen Middle School and police say she had previously been the victim's teacher. The officer had attended the scene near an intersection close to Tamarac at around 2am after receiving a call regarding a suspicious vehicle obstructing traffic.