Trump transition handling of classified information raised concern

On Tuesday, McMaster, in a White House briefing, cast some of Trump's revelations as information that was available from publicly available "open-source reporting" and added that the president did not know the precise source of the intelligence he had shared.

Experts Believe North Korea May Be Responsible For Global Cyber Attack

Experts Believe North Korea May Be Responsible For Global Cyber Attack

In November 2014, Sony Pictures Entertainment became the target of the biggest cyberattack in U.S. corporate history, linked to its release of North Korea satire " The Interview ". In France, automaker Renault said one of its plants was closed Monday as a "preventive step" while engineers looked at the fallout from the cyberattack.

Minnesota Officer's Trial to Stay in St. Paul

Minnesota Officer's Trial to Stay in St. Paul

As the only other adult present in the auto at the time, she is expected to be a key witness at trial. Yanez is charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of Castile on July 6 of previous year. "Even if (Ms. Reynolds) lied (about the alleged assault).it has no relevance to this case", Leary said. The defense can't raise questions about Castile's character during their opening statements.

WannaCry Ransomware: Who Is Really to Blame for the Cyber-Attacks?

Over the weekend, Microsoft issued security updates for Windows 8, Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP, which had had been banished from the patch list one, two and three years ago, respectively. Meanwhile, new versions of the ransomware have reportedly surfaced, including one without the kill switch exploited by a 22-year-old computer security researcher to shut the attack down.

Cornyn says he will stay in Senate, won't be FBI director

The Justice Department interviewed eight candidates over the weekend, three of whom are current or former politicians and none of whom have the kind of nonpartisan support that Comey had when President Obama selected him in 2013. First Texas' senior senator had his invitation to speak at Texas Southern University's commencement revoked. "We, along with Senator Cornyn, agree that the primary focus of commencement should be a celebration of academic achievement", the statement said.

Government claims NHS followed "pretty good" procedure on cyber-attack

The White House says despite the number of computers hit, hackers have only taken about $70,000 dollars. "This is a sophisticated attack in terms of how it goes about attacking systems but relatively simple in terms of what it does, which is to scramble data and charge a ransom for victims to unscramble that data".