Aussies hunker down as WannaCry ransomware attacks escalate

BLOOD tests will resume at hospitals across mid Essex following the NHS cyber attack last week. Specialists are concerned that computer systems that have not had security patches applied could be infected by the ransomware called WannaCry.

May pledges to tackle 'giant challenges' with Tory manifesto

Brexit will define us: "our place in the world, our economic security and our future prosperity", said Mrs May. The blueprint also says spending on defense will be increased by at least 0.5 percent more than inflation every year, with a commitment to meet the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation target of spending at least 2 percent of GDP on defense.

Microsoft reportedly held back WannaCry patch for older Windows versions

Microsoft reportedly held back WannaCry patch for older Windows versions

Half of all internet addresses corrupted globally by WannaCry are located in China and Russian Federation, with 30 and 20 percent respectively. This is the result of cheaper hardware availability, connectivity, technological progress, and the need to be online in our globally linked world.

Ransomware hits China schools; Europe fears more attacks

Mr Turnbull's cyber security advisor, Alastair MacGibbon, said none of Australia's government agencies or health systems had been hit. RUSSIA - Two security firms - Kaspersky Lab and Avast - said Russia was hit hardest by the attack. Officials struggled to explain why some NHS computers had not been "patched" with Microsoft updates to close the vulnerability that allowed the worm to spread across its networks.

Family Lawyer Alleges Las Vegas Officer Misconduct

Family Lawyer Alleges Las Vegas Officer Misconduct

Las Vegas police should also stop using stun guns and training officers to use a neck restraint meant to cut off the flow of blood to the brain, attorney Andre Lagomarsino said. McMahill said the hold differs from a department-taught technique called "lateral vascular neck restraint" or a carotid artery hold that proponents say does not impede breathing but instead restricts blood flow to the brain and causes loss of consciousness.

British serial killer Ian Brady dies in psychiatric hospital at 79

Opening an inquest at Southport Town Hall it was stated that the killer died at Ashworth Hospital, a secure psychiatric unit, where he had been resident since 1985. Terry Kilbride, whose brother John, 12, was also murdered by Brady, begged him to tell police where he dumped the body of Keith Bennett who went missing in 1964.