"Explicit" show at South African prison ignites scandal

The images of the women depict one of them undressing a prisoner, while another woman is shown embracing another prisoner as prison officials watched. Smalberger said 13 officials had been suspended pending a full investigation. Asked if the department was aware of previous cases of this nature, Smalberger said he could not confirm this but to his knowledge there were none.

Trump confirms he called the Republicans' healthcare bill 'mean'

McConnell has said he's willing to make changes to win support, and in the week ahead, plenty of backroom bargaining is expected. Trump was interviewed by "Fox & Friends", while Collins appeared on ABC's "This Week". "They're not addressing the root cause", he said, referring to rising health care costs. "And honestly, nobody can be totally happy". "I would like to delay the thing", Johnson said.

Trump Criticizes Obama For Not Acting Sooner On Russia Hacking

Trump Criticizes Obama For Not Acting Sooner On Russia Hacking

Other Democrats criticized the Obama administration for failure to sanction Russian Federation as soon as the election was over and the Trump administration was warming up to take over the rein of power. He said the administration was concerned about "being perceived as interfering in the election, trying to tip the scales for Hillary Clinton ", said Mr.

Insurance study links legalized pot to rise in car crash claims

Neighbouring states with similar fluctuations in claims were used for comparison. "No single study is ever definitive", he said . The two conflicting studies add to the debate and confusion over the issue of impaired driving in ME, where lawmakers , police and advocates have grappled with the best ways to prevent stoned drivers from getting behind the wheel and punish the ones who do.

DUP backs deal to support minority Conservative government

A spokesman for the DUP confirmed Foster would meet May at 0930 GMT. There were smiles and handshakes in the bright morning sunshine. Arlene Foster , the woman who struck a deal to prop up British Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday, is a tough leader who experienced the bloodiness of the Northern Ireland conflict firsthand at an early age.

Bengaluru entrepreneur loses arm in crocodile attack

Bengaluru entrepreneur loses arm in crocodile attack

They had planned to visit a a temple at Thatekere, inside the forest, coming under Harohalli police station limits. After getting off from the auto, Mudit walked his dogs into the reserve. The crocodile suddenly jumped out of the waters and got hold of his left arm. Later they plan to perform a plastic reconstruction surgery and provide the victim with an artificial hand.