Special 'house' editions to mark 20 years of Harry Potter

Special 'house' editions to mark 20 years of Harry Potter

More than 450 million copies of the seven original Harry Potter books have been sold worldwide in 79 languages. The first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (later retitled "the Sorcerer's Stone " in America), was released 20 years ago, on June 26th, 1997.

Team New Zealand routs Oracle Team USA to win America's Cup

Spithill was 30 when he steered the USA to victory in 2010, and he propelled their remarkable comeback from 1-8 down to a 9-8 triumph over New Zealand four years ago. "It's been an awesome journey for us as a team", he said. New Zealand implemented a cycling system that made each member more efficient, and Oracle reportedly struggled with technology malfunctioning and leading them astray.

Karen Handel Victory Has Silver Lining for Democrats

At right is Ret. The elders in the Democratic party have been accused of failing to learn lessons from the shocking loss to Trump: that running without a positive message isn't enough to win elections. "We need to be focused on next November, and what happens with the reality of health care and trade, tax policies and the impact on working men and women", said Rep.

Narendra Modi: India PM talks tough on terror ahead of Trump meeting

Only leaders of the community organisations and eminent Indian-Americans from across the country were invited for the reception. "I assure you that this will happen in your lifetime", Modi said here. For us the concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - the world is one family - are not just words. "Whenever the need arises we have done it and the world will never be able to stop us", he said.

Walker Backs Johnson Opposition On GOP Health Bill

Republican critics expressed doubt over a successful vote this week. "Well, they are also four good guys and they are four friends of mine", said Trump. He pulled out the Senate Republican bill. But Johnson did not say whether, if forced to vote on the bill, he would vote "no". The president said he thinks Republicans in the Senate are doing enough to push through the bill.

Editor's Note: Anti-Trump isn't enough for Democrats

Editor's Note: Anti-Trump isn't enough for Democrats

That said, the Georgia House race was the first real potential evidence of a possible problem, since while Ossoff did much better than the Democratic House candidate in 2016, he did a bit worse than Hillary Clinton in that district, making it hard to assess what "should" happen there.