This new weather satellite will also help search and rescue operations

GOES-R's primary instrument will bring in three-times more information at four-times better resolution at five-times faster speeds than current satellites. What makes GOES-R special is the status as the most advanced in the series. Large and small scale weather features will be monitored in higher resolution, giving us better immediate data, but also better data to be fed back into weather models, to help predict future weather patterns and events.

Best US weather satellite ever awaits sunset launch

Once GOES-R is launched , it will be in geosynchronous orbit, which is an orbit that keeps the satellite over the exact same area by matching the orbital period to Earth's rotation. The better data will then be input to weather models to help improve day to day weather forecasts . Lockheed said it developed the GLM and SUVI instruments at its Palo Alto, California-based facility and built the GOES-R satellite through its space systems center near Denver.

Black Friday Kick-Off to Holiday Shopping Season Hints at Shift Online

The company noted in a press release that customers will find the new, exciting deals "every five minutes" on Amazon devices, books, electronics, fashion, gift cards, kitchen and home, pets, toys, and video games. "I always like to walk, go to the mall", said the Chanhassen, Minn., resident. After getting goodies Thursday night, they were back at it early Friday morning, a more traditional time to shop the sales.

Train derails in north India, killing up to 96 passengers

Passengers were jolted in their sleep when 14 carriages of the train derailed at about 3am local time on Sunday, 20 November. Since Monday morning, they have searched 14 cars, lifting coaches from the tracks in the hope of finding any survivors trapped underneath.

India train derailment kills at least 104, injures about 150

Rescue officials said they had managed to identify 110 bodies, of which 45 were reported to be from Uttar Pradesh, 20 from Madhya Pradesh, 14 from Bihar and one from Maharashtra. While the cause of the derailment is yet to be ascertained, Sinha had earlier said that the accident could have been caused due to rail fracture. Authorities have cancelled and diverted several trains after the accident along the track.

Nations reaffirm support for global climate deal after Trump win

Nations reaffirm support for global climate deal after Trump win

Delegates from China to Brazil have expressed hope that Trump would keep the the Paris Agreement despite his campaign promises and insisted the rest of the world would go ahead regardless. The proclamation took into consideration the alarming rate at which the climate is warming and the urgent need to respond. Kerry was speaking Wednesday at a United Nations climate conference in Marrakech.