Deadline for Pence to withdraw from governor's race is Friday

Deadline for Pence to withdraw from governor's race is Friday

After spending much of today in Indianapolis, Pence flew to NY late in the day, according to a Republican familiar with the process. "Tomorrow I'm going to spend some time after the Trump announcement - whether I'm the person who is announced or we have Mike Pence - I'm going to do a Facebook Live", he said .

Pokemon Go boosts Nintendo shares

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington asked people not to play Pokemon Go on their phones during their visit, branding it "extremely inappropriate". He gave no further details. On the contrary, official game of Pokemon Go doesn't need any of these permissions. If Pokemon Go can surpass this hurdle and retain the interest then the game has real potential to become a cult and revolutionalise the gaming industry.

Donald Trump Picks Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as Running Mate

He's an evangelical Christian who became a member of the Tea Party on his way to the Hoosier governor post in 2013. "Whether I'm the person he announces or we have Mike Pence being announced-I'm going to do a Facebook Live ", Gingrich said .

Egypt Offers to Help Revive Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks

Greeting Shoukry on Sunday, Netanyahu repeated his call for Palestinians to resume direct negotiations with Israel, and welcomed Egypt's efforts to resolve that conflict. "Egypt remains ready to contribute toward achieving this goal", Shoukry responded , adding that his visit to Israel represented "a continuation of Egypt's long-standing sense of responsibility towards peace for itself and all the peoples of the region".

Jaguar Land Rover to Begin Testing Connected and Autonomous Cars

The initial tests will evaluate a spate of enhanced driver-assistance technologies that combine and enhance existing features or rely on new vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication systems that allow both motorists and cars to respond to real-time information provided by other cars, traffic signs, and road infrastructure.

Sony: No decision made yet on 'Ghostbusters' in China

Sony: No decision made yet on 'Ghostbusters' in China

More on the story below. Paul Feig's Ghostbusters reboot has been enjoying generally decent/good reviews ( you can check out ours here), and looks set for a very respectable opening weekend at the USA box office - but THR is reporting on some news that might just put a dampener on the positivity parade.