UK foreign secretary downplays EU payment suggestions

Pressed on whether he agreed, Johnson said Brexit delivered the opportunity to "take back control" of British money, trade, law and migration from the European Union and spoke only of continuing to pay the region to stay a part of small programs such as its initiative to encourage student exchanges.

Apple Confirms That it is Working on an Autonomous Vehicle

Apple's interest in entering the autonomous vehicle sector have been revealed. This letter hints that Apple has the rumored iCar in the works. Although the letter is Apple's strongest hint yet about Project Titan , there is still no specific information about the company's autonomous auto.

Athletics: No time to take foot off pedal, warns reform-driven Coe

Warning that "we can not let this happen again", Coe said too much power had been concentrated in too few hands under his predecessor, Lamine Diack, now facing corruption and money-laundering charges in France. They can point, in this regard, to the changes that the IAAF implemented in March 2016: since that date, at the IAAF's insistence, all testing in Russian Federation has been undertaken by worldwide doping control officers and all samples have been analysed by laboratories outside of ...

Kojima's Death Stranding Gets A Second Trailer

Kojima's Death Stranding Gets A Second Trailer

One man appears to be hiding from the army, and tries to take refuge in a viaduct. At this point in the trailer, a figure walks into view and stops to look up just as a number of fighter planes fly overhead. Why was The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus stood naked on a beach clutching a baby? The simple answer is "Naked Norman Reedus crying over an invisible ink baby on a beach covered in dead fish and crabs", but as you may already know, nothing is simple when it comes to a Kojima creation.

Italy's Renzi in last day of frantic referendum campaign

Italy banned opinion polls for the two weeks running up to Sunday so voters would not be influenced. A win by the "No" camp on a centerpiece reform of his government would be expected to trigger Renzi's resignation. Opponents insist the savings will be much smaller and that the legislative gridlock problem is exaggerated: Renzi did not have any trouble getting his controversial Jobs Act through parliament past year.

Non-upgraded version of WhatsApp to stop working from 2017

It is pertinent to mention here that WhatsApp said that it would phase out facility for BlackBerry operating system and BlackBerry 10 , Nokia Symbian S60 , Nokia S40 , Windows Phone 7 , Android 2 .1 and Android 2 .2 and iPhone 3GS by end of 2016.