Confusion as Sun TV says Jayalalithaa dead, Apollo hospital denies

This is the most advanced level of support available, and is an approach that best centres internationally would take in this situation. Apollo Hospitals denied media reports that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa passed away on Monday evening, saying that doctors from both AIIMS and Apollo continue provide her with "life-saving measures".

Duterte: Trump says Philippines tackling drug problem 'the right way'

The Philippine government is optimistic about a "reboot" in the country's relations with the United States following the friendly conversation between President Rodrigo Duterte and U.S. In five months in office, he has upended Philippine foreign policy by berating the United States, pursuing a new alliance with Russian Federation and also China, with which Manila has a history of bitter disputes.

Canada finishes 13th at Dubai Sevens

The women's competition kicks off on Thursday, a day before the men, as the 830-metre-tall Burj Khalifa tower looms above them. Kelly Brazier, who came back into the team from 15s action last weekend, was named HSBC Player of the Final. For example, those lightning-quick, end-to-end sprints by America's former professional sprinter Carlin Isles will be tracked live, using a speedometer linked up to both Global Positioning System and Hawkeye technology.

Parkinson's Disease Might Be Triggered By Gut Bacteria

The finding that the onset of Parkinson's disease, one of the world's most common debilitating brain disorders , has a functional link with the bacteria in the gut , is about to bring forth a radical change in the condition's treatment.

The Last of Us Part II Revealed at PlayStation Experience 2016

I'd expect that the game won't release until 2018 or 2019 at the absolute earlier but it's great to see that the story of Ellie and Joel will continue from where we left off. The Last of Us is about these two characters. She sits injured in a house playing guitar with corpses strewn about the place, having just overcome some sort of gang assault.

Periodic Table Expands with Four New Elements

Periodic Table Expands with Four New Elements

Newly discovered elements are traditionally named after a geographical place or a scientist. Moscovium was discovered by a joint team of Russian and American researchers. The discoverers, who come from Japan, the United States and Russian Federation, were given the right to propose the names and symbols. Luckily, that principle doesn't apply to elements of the periodic table .