Oil industry urges Trump to approve Dakota Access pipeline

Since the pipeline will remain in limbo for an undetermined amount of time, Hoeven repeated a call for the federal government to provide reimbursement for law enforcement costs the state has had to shoulder, as well as providing federal resources.

AT&T Launching DIRECTV NOW Internet TV Service

AT&T Mobility customers won't have to pay for data chargers, either. Customers won't have to wait long for DirecTV Now. DirecTV Now is getting underway without access to CBS and Showtime, but is in talks to add them to the lineup later.

Russian supply ship launched to International Space Station

Russian supply ship launched to International Space Station

A statement on Russia's Roscosmos space agency said problems occurred "about 190km above the rugged, uninhabited, mountainous territory of the Republic of Tyva and most of the fragments were burned in the dense layers of the atmosphere".

Big tech firms are too slow to remove hate speech

The European Union (EU) issued an executive warning to U.S. tech giants , including Facebook and Twitter, on Sunday, saying they must act faster to crack down on online hate speech or face legislative measures forcing them to do so. After 48 hours, that figure rose to 80 percent, according to both The Financial Times and Reuters . "In practice the companies take longer and do not yet achieve this goal".

Russia: Space ship malfunctions, breaks up over Siberia

It was set to dock with the space station on Saturday. In April 2015 , a failed Progress launch was blamed on a problem with a Soyuz rocket. Most of that very likely burned up as the unmanned spacecraft fell back toward Earth. But as Progress 65 was entering Earth's orbit, mission controllers began to experience what Navias called ratty telemetry data during the end of the third-stage engine performance.