Winter Storm Watch issued for Chicago area beginning Saturday evening

Winter Storm Watch issued for Chicago area beginning Saturday evening

The watch takes effect Saturday night and will remain in effect through late Sunday evening, according to the National Weather Service . Expect primarily wet roads, but spots could be slick or slushy for the morning drive, so we have declared a First Warning Weather Day.

Next-Gen Toyota 86 Risks Being A Snooze Fest

A high level Toyota executive has confirmed a successor to the 86 sports auto is in the works and that it will land between 2018 and 2019. Toyota will have at least one sports vehicle in its lineup for the foreseeable future. "There are a lot of reasons to continue with Subaru". Besides that, Toyota favors the boxer engine's low center of gravity as it contributes to the all important cornerning stability that has been present in the FRS/86/BRZ since its introduction.

Giraffes, rarer than elephants, put on extinction watch list

Giraffes were once listed as a species of "least concern" by the Belgium- and U.K- based International Union for the Conservation of Nature , but poaching, habitat loss, civil unrest and other factors have led to rapid declines in five out of the nine giraffe subspecies in various African regions.

Planet Earth season 2 trailer shows off UHD technology on iPlayer

Millions of viewers across the nation have been enjoying the new series of Planet Earth but you're not alone if you've been aching to see it in glorious 4K resolution. Hopefully this paves the way for future events such as Planet Earth II to be originally broadcast straight to TV in 4K. Do you own a 4K or HDR television yet? If you bought a 4K TV on Black Friday, or suspect you'll be unwrapping one this Christmas, the footage should be flawless for impressing family and friends.

Warner blasts year's seventh ODI ton against New Zealand

Warner blasts year's seventh ODI ton against New Zealand

Australia kept with the side that belted New Zealand in Canberra on Tuesday to take an unbeatable 2-0 series lead. Had he not sacrificed himself chasing an unlikely single off the last ball of the innings, Warner would have become only the 11th player to carry his bat in an one-day global and the second Australian, behind Damien Martyn in 2000.

Inmate serving life term escapes South Carolina prison

Williamson in a Walmart store the day he escaped prison. She tried to question Williamson and he ran, Lexington Police Maj. Williamson removed the mask but took off running toward Northside Christian Academy after being asked to sit on the curb, Davis said.