Here Comes the Arctic Cold

While highs are predicted to hover around the mid 20s Thursday and Friday and there's even an outside shot of overnight lows dipping into the single digits, the Island should quickly thaw out on Saturday as temperatures rebound into the mid-to-upper 40s.

Giant wave in European waters breaks world record

Giant wave in European waters breaks world record

The wave built up after a "very strong cold front" passed through the area, with winds of up to 43.8 knots. "It is a remarkable record ", WMO Assistant Secretary-General Wenjian Zhang said in a statement . The North Atlantic seems to be fertile ground for monster waves, because of its wind circulation patterns and atmospheric pressure in winter time, according to the WMO.

Presidential electors pressed to dump Trump; Utahns favor keeping Electoral College

If we truly want the Electoral College to be merely "ceremonial", as Montana Republican Party Chair Jeff Essmann has said , let's make it purely ceremonial to confirm the national popular vote. Courts should use these cases to require that in the future the votes in the Electoral College be allocated consistent with population and that each state's votes be decided proportionate to the popular vote in the state.

Mercedes Benz reveals new E Class Coupe

Additionally, the 2018 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe features a standard lowered suspension with selective damping; AIR BODY CONTROL adjustable air suspension is optional. If you really raid the options list, you can choose a number of semi-autonomous systems: automated cruising at up to 130mph following the vehicle in front and remote control parking via smartphone app.

Shuttler Sindhu aims to end blazing year on a high note

Shuttler Sindhu aims to end blazing year on a high note

PV Sindhu is in a tough group (B) that includes world champion Carolina Marin of Spain and China's Sun Yu. Sindhu nosed ahead and went into the interval leading 11-7 with a round-the-head smash before closing out the game at 21-8. Her trouble with timing overhead shots though made an occasional appearance, allowing the Japanese to close in 6-7. Men's singles action will begin, however, with the clash between China's Tian Houwei and Germany's Marc Zwiebler in the morning session.

Inspire Americans like JF Kennedy did: Bill Gates urges Donald Trump

After a call on energy with Trump, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates fears for federal support of renewables under the president-elect. The increased research in energy technologies that will result from Mission Innovation will allow new companies to appear, and the Breakthrough Energy Ventures Fund will help the companies develop.