Light spectrum of antimatter observed for first time

Light spectrum of antimatter observed for first time

It was created during the Big Bang along with traditional matter, but it has the exact opposite properties of the kinds of matter we know: anti-electrons (or positrons) have a positive charge rather than negative, for example, while antiprotons, the antimatter versions of positively charged protons, are negatively charged.

Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA) Lowered to "Sell" at Vetr Inc

The EPS for the most recent quarter is 0.71. Other hedge funds have also recently bought and sold shares of the company. Finally, Blue Ridge Capital L.L.C. (NASDAQ: TSLA ) reported its EPS in the last quarter as $0.71/Share Topping the analyst estimate of $-0.54/Share by the difference of $1.25. Tesla Motors had a negative net margin of 14.74% and a negative return on equity of 29.17%.

Facebook faces fine after 'misleading' on WhatsApp

EU's competition officials said this week that it was probing if the social network lied, or negligently kept back information, about its ability to siphon user data from the messaging service back when it announced it was purchasing the firm early 2014.

Homeless Programs Get Millions In Federal Funds

Department of Housing and Urban Development. Other programs provided by the Health Center include skills training and employment counseling to help people into a self-sustaining situation, said Ed Niles, the center's director of housing and residential support.

Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Opening Ceremony Detailed

According to Attack of the Fan Boy , Kyohei Suzuki has been recalled by the developer to work on the title as a game director. The role-playing game has been announced to be released in multiple full-sized games similar to its predecessor, the Final Fantasy 13.