Beauty of blue whales' Taranaki krill feeding-frenzy captured from the air

Beauty of blue whales' Taranaki krill feeding-frenzy captured from the air

The video, captured by scientists at Oregon State University, helps to prove the theory that the massive creatures, which can grow to the length of three school buses, only expend energy to catch prey they think are worth it. She told Radio NZ that the lunge required the whales to dramatically slow down and the energy required to speed up again could be more than the energy they would get from eating a smaller group of krill.

HTC U (or HTC Ocean)

There's a dual LED flash on the back along with what looks like the same liquid metal paint job. It is possible this very home button may also house the fingerprint sensor. HTC is prepping up to strengthen its U series, with yet another smartphone, which is dubbed to be the HTC U , better known as the HTC Ocean. The U Ultra now carries a $599 price, marking a $150 discount, while the HTC 10 receives a $200 discount, resulting in the Snapdragon 820-smartphone carrying a price of $499.

Saturn's moon Enceladus holds 'three of four requirements' for life to exist

NASA may have found the ingredients for sustainable life on Saturn's moon, Enceladus . Cassini project scientist Linda Spilker added that the confirmation - that the chemical energy for life exists within Enceladus' ocean - is an important milestone in mankind's search for habitable worlds beyond Earth.

Facebook Live killer shoots himself after police chase

Facebook Live killer shoots himself after police chase

Cleveland Police have now issued an aggravated murder warrant for Stephens, and they have launched a manhunt . Steve Stephens, 37, had been on the lam since he gunned down Robert Godwin in Cleveland Sunday, later uploading video of the killing to Facebook , officials said .

Police seek USA suspect accused of committing murder on Facebook

Police have not verified any other shootings or deaths, Police Chief Calvin Williams said. His children said they want to remember him not as the man killed in a Facebook video, but as the peaceful and kind man who loved his family, who loved to fish and who even did his daughters' hair.

Large asteroid will streak past Earth this week

Another interesting finding of NASA's is that the surface of the asteroid is two times more reflective than that of the moon. Although, the orbit of the asteroid is well-known by astronomers, but, they are yet to dig out more about its physical properties.