Russian Federation vetoes United Nations statement on North Korea's missile tests

Vice President Mike Pence doubled down on the USA commitment to Asia Pacific with a stern warning for North Korea, which he called the "most risky and urgent threat" to the region. CHINAAfter decades of failure to stop North Korea's march toward a nuclear arsenal, some see Trump's bluster as a shrewd attempt to press China, the North's most important ally and trading partner, into pressuring North Korea more aggressively over its nuclear program.

Georgia Special Election Made Alyssa Milano Sick

Ossoff, 30, was the top vote getter in a field of 18 candidates , 11 of them Republicans, in a suburban Atlanta district that has sent Republicans to Congress since the 1970s. President Trump has been very engaged in the race, recording a robo-call to help get out the vote and tweeting multiple times. While no poll showed Ossoff getting to 50 percent (even with undecided voters allocated), he was dominating the early vote .

Bill introduced to ban removal of passengers

United Airlines will no longer bump passengers who are already onboard to allow crew to ride on flights, according to an internal memo shared with TMZ and verified by The New York Times . Many airlines overbook their flights - to compensate for passengers who do not turn up for the flight- but United's fiasco has led many to rethink their strategy.

Samsung Launches Galaxy S8 In India

Since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 , there's been a fair amount of confusion over whether the earbuds tuned by renowned audio firm AKG were bundled as standard, or were shipping with some phones as part of special retailer-led offers and bundles.

Funeral for Facebook shooting victim scheduled in Ohio

Funeral for Facebook shooting victim scheduled in Ohio

He shot himself in the head as the vehicle spun out of control, police said . "We are grateful that this has ended", said Cleveland Division of Police Chief Calvin Williams. "I'm angry with him, yes, but I forgive him", Godwin-Baines told Lane. The Ford Fusion did a half-turn and came to rest at the kurb. On Tuesday morning, Stephens took his own life inside his auto in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Trump signs executive order targeting specialty work visas: 5 things to know

Rick Secor, a spokesman for Snap-on, said the company only employs a handful of workers on H-1B visas - "less than one-half of one percent" of its workers in the USA - so any changes coming down the pike would have "minimal" impact. "With this action, we are sending a powerful signal to the world". Potential changes could be administrative or legislative and could include higher fees for the visas, changing the wage scale for the program or other initiatives.