Remove circuit judge from executions case, reverse order

Arkansas' goal of executing seven inmates in 11 days before its supply of lethal injection drugs expires may be a dead plan walking after two court rulings Friday. A federal judge Saturday blocked Arkansas' plan to execute six inmates over the course of ten days. An eighth inmate who had been scheduled to die also won a stay earlier, removing him from the list for April execution.

Apple handed self-driving test permit

And traditional automakers like General Motors and Ford Motor view the self-driving auto as a natural extension of their existing businesses. Applying for and receiving the permit, however, has made Apple's interest in self-driving cars more public.

Nintendo sold nearly a million Switches in a single month

The record only applies to the USA market, not globally, a spokesman for the Kyoto-based company said . It follows the news that New Legend of Zelda figures were shown during the Nintendo Direct presentation, confirming that three new Amiibos will make their debut very soon.

Nearly 100 Migrants Feared Missing after Boat Sinks Off Libya

The others were "probably dead", he said. Hailing mainly from sub-Saharan countries, majority board boats operated by people traffickers in the country's west, heading for the Italian island of Lampedusa 300 kilometres away. The migrant were travelling aboard inflatable rubber dinghies and wooden boats, the coastguard said. "We must continue to call on European governments to act so that people, such as those rescued by us today, do not die, nor in Libya nor in the Mediterranean Sea".

There may be an alien life in solar system

There may be an alien life in solar system

On Earth, those chemical reactions allow microbes to flourish in hot cracks in the planet's ocean floors - depths sunlight cannot reach - meaning the moon could also nourish life. This is the second time a plume has been observed in this exact spot, which has researchers excited that it could prove to be a feature on the surface.

NASA will reveal new discoveries about alien ocean worlds on Thursday

NASA announced on Thursday that its Cassini spacecraft mission to Saturn has gathered new evidence that there's a chemical reaction taking place under the moon's icy surface that could provide conditions for life. Examining the data from that pass through the plumes, a team of scientists led by Hunter Waite, from the Southwest Research Institute, found molecular hydrogen - H 2.