'Walking Dead' EP Greg Nicotero Teases Season 7 World Building

However. fans of AMC's hit zombie show are always looking for more information on their favorite show about the undead apocalypse. " This is the first time, for all of them, where they have to survive on the land for a time and they have to figure out a way ", says Erickson.

Tesla Motors changes web address to

The driver told CNNMoney that he did not get any warnings before the crash. In recent weeks Tesla has come underfire following a fatal Tesla "autopilot" crash in Florida and has since been subjected to a federal probe. Tesla's stock closed Thursday down $1, or less than 1%, to $221.53. While there's certainly some blame to be given to the Autopilot system, it is important to note that the driver was not paying attention to the vehicle or his surroundings when the accident happened.

China closing part of South China Sea for military exercises

The announcement struck many as odd, as it happened during a three-day visit to China from the U.S. Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson. "When has freedom of navigation in the South China Sea ever been affected?" Could the United States go to war with China over the South China Sea dispute? The air force aims to promote real combat training over the sea, improve combat abilities against security threats and safeguard China's sovereignty and security, he said.

Taiwan rules out cooperation with China on South China Sea issue

Beijing's territorial claims to the islands partly overlap those of the Philippines , Vietnam and Taiwan, while Beijing also has ongoing territorial disputes in the area with Malaysia and Brunei. The word "China" in the name of North China sea and South China sea are geographical names and not related as territorial property of the China. The Philippines' unilateral initiation of arbitration is "an act of bad faith", said the whitepaper.

SpaceX Now Wants To Land Three Reusable Rockets Simultaneously

SpaceX Now Wants To Land Three Reusable Rockets Simultaneously

The Falcon Heavy is a new type of rocket that SpaceX has developed over the previous year. After nailing the landing of their Falcon 9 rocket yesterday during a resupply mission for the International Space Station, SpaceX has announced an even more ambitious plan.

Pokemon Sun and Moon: Six New Pokemon Revealed

Pokemon Sun and Moon: Six New Pokemon Revealed

As a result many people allow Bounsweet to live with them and freshen up their homes. The new Pokemon are the bug/water type Wimpod , the pure grass type Bounsweet , the pure fairy type Comfey , the pure ground type Mudsdale , and the two previously leaked pokemon from this month's Corocoro , the ghos/fairy type Mimikyu and the normal/fighting type Bewear .