Hacking attack hits companies worldwide with ransom demands

Asian countries reported no major breaches on Saturday, but officials in the region were scrambling to check and the full extent of the damage may not be known for some time. Authorities in Britain have been braced for possible cyberattacks in the run-up to the vote, as happened during last year's U.S. election and on the eve of this month's presidential vote in France.

News from Day 1 of the Microsoft Build Developer Conference

An in-depth technical overview of Azure Cosmos DB is available here. " Azure Cosmos DB allows you to elastically scale across any number of geographical regions while delivering the industry's only financially-backed database SLA across availability, latency, throughput, and consistency", he said.

Cyberattack pulls the plug on British hospitals

Security experts warn there is no guarantee that access will be granted after payment. Hacking group Shadow Brokers reportedly released the malmare on the internet last month, after claiming to have discovered the flaw from the US National Security Agency.

Microsoft OneDrive Brings Files On-Demand Feature to iOS & Android

Microsoft will try to make Windows 10 more versatile with new features for creating memories, exploring virtual scenery and "hopscotching" from personal computers to mobile devices. Microsoft said there are five key areas that Fluent Design will emphasize for its new visual experience: light, depth, motion, material and scale. Microsoft also announced Story Remix , an application for creating videos with photos, video clips, and even 3D objects.

Vigils held for Christian politician imprisoned in Indonesia

Vigils held for Christian politician imprisoned in Indonesia

Indonesia is the world's largest Muslim-majority country. As they turned to trade and business, their wealth had been the subject of resentment bypoorer "pribumi", Indonesia's mostly ethnic-Malay indigenous people. Reuters noted that Indonesia has been an important destination for foreign investment in mining and retail, and that the Indonesian government is trying to attract investors for infrastructure investments worth Dollars 450 billion.

Over Half of UK Citizens Would Vote to Leave Eurovision Song Contest

Over Half of UK Citizens Would Vote to Leave Eurovision Song Contest

They're both hopeful that after two previous attempts at Eurovision, with Guy Sebastian in 2015 and Dami Im in 2016, that this could be Australia's year. They will react to what they see and hear on screen and I would never underestimate the emotional power of a great live performance to win people over and motivate them to vote.