NSA's powerful hacking tools leaked by group of hackers called Shadow Brokers

Any access NSA maintained is now as good as eliminated, since this provides a detailed roadmap to how the NSA accessed this critical information. This is not the first time the Shadow Brokers have targeted the NSA. NewsGram brings to you top news around the world today . While EastNets vehemently denied it was breached just hours after the dump, Microsoft took a more proper approach and said it was reviewing and testing the exploits.

UberEats to enter India's food delivery space in Q2 2017

UberEATS has already started hiring executives for its management team and is also in talks with restaurants that are willing to partner with the platform. Uber now does not have a fleet of two-wheelers on its platform in India which is used to deliver food in larger markets like London, and others. They have also started onboarding restaurant partners and may charge between 25 to 30% commission on each delivery as mentioned in a national news portal.

Protests over Trump tax returns delay

Protests over Trump tax returns delay

Demonstrators in dozens of US cities and towns, including Washington D.C., New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and Palm Beach, where Trump was spending Easter Weekend at his resort Mar-a-Lago, marched on Saturday to demand Trump release his tax returns.