Paris Jackson defends her right to pose naked

Paris Jackson defends her right to pose naked

Paris Jackson posted a topless photo on her Instagram account. but don't go thinking she's trying to get anyone excited about her hot body. "I'll say it again for those questioning what I stand for and how I express myself". She encouraged her followers who may be upset with her topless photo to click the "unfollow" button. "The human body is a attractive thing and no matter what "flaws" you have, whether it be scars, or extra weight, stretch marks, freckles, whatever, it is lovely and ...

Microsoft Fluent Design System Will Change the Look of Windows 10

Microsoft Fluent Design System Will Change the Look of Windows 10

Microsoft's new design language for Windows 10 is officially called the Microsoft Fluent Design System. One of the highlights of the new update is the introduction of a "cloud powered clipboard ", which lets users copy from and paste text from two different devices for the first time.

Microsoft Announces Visual Studio for Mac at Build Conference

Microsoft announced Xamarin Live Player at its Build conference here this week. This means that the Mac is no longer needed for that core development cycle. Visual Studio for Mac is designed as a native macOS app, and is made available in three different versions, namely Visual Studio Community for Mac, Visual Studio Professional for Mac and Visual Studio Enterprise for Mac.

North Korea test-fires missile, challenging new leader in South

The North attempted but failed to test-launch ballistic missiles four consecutive times in the past two months but has conducted a variety of missile testing since the beginning of previous year at an unprecedented pace. It is the North's first provocation since the liberal Moon Jae-in government took office in Seoul. The flight pattern could indicate a new type of missile.

Trump administration postpones another meeting on Paris climate agreement

Bannon and Pruitt are said to be among those arguing for a tougher line, keeping with campaign promises and rejecting global agreements that tie the hands of United States industry. With the rest of the world on tenterhooks ever since, Trump has said he will make his decision before the next G7 meeting on May 26-27 in Sicily.

ITunes is coming to the Windows App Store

Windows update aimed at keeping its desktop and laptop computer users stay in touch with the latest updates. Microsoft is trying to make its personal computer-bound operating system useful on the smartphone. We should soon find out whether the size limits increase for OneDrive. It's similar to what Apple already offers with Universal Clipboard in iPhones, iPads and Mac computers.