America's "Facebook Killer" Shoots Himself After Police Chase

Detectives spoke with the suspect on Sunday by cellphone and tried to persuade him to surrender, police said. An employee at the restaurant immediately called 911. The shooting video was visible on Facebook for almost two hours before it was reported, the company said. But some social media experts, including Kurasawa, say Facebook relies too heavily on users to police violent content.

Scientists Worldwide Fight Back Against Anti-Science Trump Agenda

Scientists Worldwide Fight Back Against Anti-Science Trump Agenda

The march and speeches ended, fittingly, with organizers pointing activists and scientists to the New Jersey State Museum next door, which includes a planetarium. Bearing protest signs and many wearing lab coats, thousands of scientists from around the United States began gathering here to express their objections to the cutbacks in scientific research proposed by President Donald Trump.

NEW INFORMATION: Dad worries about sons if science spending cut

NEW INFORMATION: Dad worries about sons if science spending cut

While American organizers have said the marches planned there are nonpartisan, they admit the Republican administration under Donald Trump - who has vowed to slash the research budgets of top USA agencies - "catalyzed" the movement. While billing itself as nonpartisan, the movement clearly sees the Trump administration, which has expressed skepticism about man's role in climate change and has eased regulations on coal and oil production, as a threat to science.

Here Are Some of the Best Signs From the March for Science

Organizers of the march encouraged scientists in their ranks to wear their lab coats, goggles, stethoscopes, field gear and other work clothes to make their presence known among a group that frequently shies away from public political displays.

March For Science Protests Take Hold Across The Globe

Mr. Trump's "archaic thinking is going to ruin us all", Villabon said. "Political boundaries don't really affect it - at least they shouldn't". Hundreds of satellite marches are planned across the United States and worldwide - with more than 600 listed as of Friday - including in Australia, Brazil, Canada, many nations in Europe, Japan, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria and South Korea.