Trump's Tax Reform Reveal Won't Tell Much, Aide Says

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin initially set a goal of getting tax reform passed by August, but that deadline has slipped. "The border wall funding issue is just one of many policy potholes that could disrupt the funding negotiations including ACA cost-sharing subsidies, coal miner benefits, and sanctuary cities", Boltanksy and Davaz wrote in a note to clients on Friday.

White House Calling! Astronaut Peggy Whitson Gets Congrats from President Trump & Ivanka

In honor of this achievement, President Donald Trump, with his daughter Ivanka and astronaut Kate Rubins present, called up Whitson from the Oval Office to congratulate her . "It's really not as bad as it sounds", she assured the president. With a doctorate in biochemistry, she held a number of research-related positions, and in 1992 was named project scientist of the Shuttle-Mir Program.

HP Enterprise says former Arconic CEO left its board

HP Enterprise says former Arconic CEO left its board

Arconic (ARNC) will delay its annual shareholder meeting to a date towards the end of May from May 16, the company announced today. - Arconic also released correspondence between Elliott founder Paul Singer and the board. Last week, longtime CEO Kleinfeld was ousted after the board discovered he sent an unauthorized letter to Singer that was reportedly accompanied by a soccer ball.

10 ways he and Fox News harassed us all

Bill O'Reilly, star cable news host, will get a payout of up to $25 million following his ouster from Fox News over sexual harassment allegations, a source familiar with the situation has said. "It is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims", O'Reilly said in the statement . "But that is the unfortunate reality many of us in the public eye must live with today", O'Reilly said in the statement.

Samsung Galaxy S9 will be having a "Qualcomm Snapdragon 845"chipset"

We already cleared the air on the Galaxy S8 "red screen" situation that was unfortunately overblown at the start, but even still, Samsung is releasing a software update to further mitigate the so-called issue. The device is the company's latest high-end handset, offering an all-glass design and curved 5.8-inch screen. He goes on to say how the response is "humbling, energizing and points to a great launch week".

Careful With the Samsung Galaxy S8's Display, Or Be Ready to Pay

Careful With the Samsung Galaxy S8's Display, Or Be Ready to Pay

However, the LG G6 will also have to prove itself on the ring against Samsung's newly launched Galaxy S8, which has already received rave reviews from experts around the world, thanks to its radically designed form factor. Samsung also said that it would take rigorous security checks before releasing the phone to the public again. Samsung's latest flagship smartphone, Galaxy S8 , is hardly done delighting and unbelievable its users, and already it looks like both Samsung and Qualcomm, ...