Banks reinforce cyber defenses after global attack

Because numerous computers impacted run older Windows systems like XP, Microsoft issued a rare patch for XP, which it had stopped updating more than three years ago. In India, there were reports of some systems of the Andhra Pradesh police being affected on Saturday, although CERT-In has said that the PCs were isolated and not on a network.

Full scale of cyber attack not yet known, warn experts

A malicious software on Friday created a cyber blizzard in the global cyber-media space by attacking more than 2,00,000 systems in almost 150 countries. Patch your computers. They should have the latest software update. Labour's shadow health secretary, Jonathan Ashworth, in a letter to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, said concerns were repeatedly flagged about outdated computer systems.

Europol warns of escalation as cyber attacks hit over 200000 victims

Many of those victims will be businesses, including large corporations. Mr Wainwright said he was concerned that the numbers of those affected would continue to rise when people returned to work on Monday morning. Microsoft was quick to change its policy, announcing free security patches to fix this vulnerability in the older Windows systems still used by millions of individuals and smaller businesses.

Worldwide cyberattack: Here's how to protect yourself

But Microsoft's policy is that some commonly used versions of Windows no longer receive security patches; those versions include Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP, both of which have not been sold for over a decade; and Windows 8, which some users prefer to the supported Windows 8.1 because of differences between the two versions of the operating system.

Ransomware: No report yet of 'WannaCry' hit on Indian network

SOME x-ray services at Basingstoke's North Hampshire Hospital are closed today (Monday) following the national cyber attack that hit parts of the NHS last week. "The number of victims appears not to have gone up and so far the situation seems stable in Europe, which is a success", senior spokesman for Europol , Jan Op Gen Oorth, said.

Microsoft Slams Governments For Global 'WannaCrypt' Attacks

Tom Bossert, a homeland security adviser to President Trump, said Monday on television that things are "right now, under control" in the United States. French carmaker Renault shut its Douai plant-one of its biggest sites, employing 5,500 people-yesterday as systems were upgraded. Dr Anne Rainsberry, national incident director at NHS England, said: "There are encouraging signs that the situation is improving, with fewer hospitals having to divert patients from their A&E units".