Worldwide ransomware cyberattacks: what we know so far about WannaCry

Trusts in Lincolnshire and Southport and Ormskirk cancelled all routine appointments for Monday, and staff have been warned to exercise caution when logging in. Concerns were raised more NHS services could be affected on Monday, but Kent's hospital trusts confirmed they had not been targeted in the scam, thought to have accessed computers via email.

Google Unit Given 'Inappropriate' Access To UK Medical Records

Google Unit Given 'Inappropriate' Access To UK Medical Records

Records that came bundled with personally identifiable information. "It is my view, and that of my panel, that goal for the transfer of 1.6 million identifiable patient records to Google DeepMind was for the testing of the Streams application, and not for the provision of direct care to patients", she wrote in a letter dated February, which was leaked to Sky News on Monday.

Global ransomware attack appears to slow in US

MacGibbon said it was still not known how the virus had originated and then spread, although it was likely the transmission included email. Although a temporary fix earlier slowed the infection rate, the attackers had now released a new version of the ransomware, he said.

Ransomware attacks: Microsoft blames United States government for 'stockpiling' vulnerabilities

Because of its success infiltrating systems, the software - also known as WannaCrypt, Wana Decryptor or WCry - is already inspiring imitators . Tom Bossert, adviser for U.S. Indian computer systems largely escaped a global ransomware attack as the government and companies installed security patches to gain an upper hand against the first wave of an unrivalled global cyber-attack.

Worldwide cyber attack: Christian experts react as more details emerge

Images appeared on victims' screens demanding payment of $300 (275 euros) in Bitcoin, saying: "Ooops, your files have been encrypted!" That's why it's called ransomware. "Once connected, an attacker can try to guess passwords for users on the system, or look for backdoors giving them access", HHS said in an emailed statement.

Cyber chaos may grow at start of workweek

Are you affected by the global cyberattack? An estimated US$30,000 in ransom has been paid by victims. Internet security firm Kaspersky said the largest number of attacks occurred in Russian Federation, but Ukraine, India, and Taiwan have also been hit.