USA supports action to reduce greenhouse gases at Arctic summit

He also serves a president who calls climate change a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese to make American manufacturing uncompetitive. Trump also pledged to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement and to "cancel billions in global warming payments to the United Nations".

Man thanks iPhone's

Man thanks iPhone's "Siri" for saving his life in explosion

The place soon caught fire and part of the structure collapsed. Once inside, he flipped the light switch and the house suddenly exploded. Beaucher managed to get out of the inferno and reached his Land Rover where his cellphone was. 'You know, I'm going to be OK after all of this. While outside, he saw something that looked suspicious through the window so he went inside to take a closer look.

Trump defends sharing 'terrorism' facts with Russians

Trump defends sharing 'terrorism' facts with Russians

Lawmakers, meanwhile, said it's disturbing that Trump discussed any intelligence with officials from Russian Federation, a country under investigation by USA authorities over allegations it interfered with last year's presidential election by hacking Democratic political organizations.

Microsoft president slams U.S. govt over ransomware

Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) said Friday in a statement . A spokesperson for police agency Europol said the situation in Europe "seems stable". He also went in to detail on what you should and shouldn't do if you think you're the victim of WannaCry or any other cyber-attack.

HTC U11 Pre-Order, Release Date, Specs and Features

HTC U11 Pre-Order, Release Date, Specs and Features

It comes with Type C to 3.5mm adapter which makes the users not to worry about their old phones. Most of the features of the U11, be it the shiny liquid metal design (HTC calls it Liquid Surface ), IP67 Water-resistance and U-sonic audio are similar to the U Ultra.

Russia's Putin performs impromptu piano recital ahead of Trump meeting

Putin was captured on camera on Sunday sitting down at a grand piano in a Chinese state residence, and performing a few slightly hesitant chords of two popular Soviet-era compositions, "Moscow Windows " and "Evening Song ". Putin was in Beijing on a state visit to discuss a$1 trillion infrastructure plan that strives to revive the ancient Silk Road. First, a videographer followed Putin as he walked to the piano.