Newly discovered planet 'may offer best chance of finding life beyond Earth'

But what exactly do we know about LHS 1140b that suggests it has an atmosphere? Some seem to be too dense to have much of an atmosphere at all, or orbit stars whose volatile natures put any residents at risk of being fried. "We originally thought it was just something amusing going on in the atmosphere", Harvard astronomer Jason Dittmann , the study's lead author, told Gizmodo.

Facebook introduces VR Spaces, AR camera effects at F8

It's focused on creating experiences that will fundamentally change how people interact with each other and the physical world. "But we haven't seen a lot of innovation in recent years". The data includes place names, addresses, photos, Facebook consumer ratings and more. In Zuckerberg's own words, "I think everyone would basically agree that we do not have the science or technology today to build the AR glasses that we want".

Farpoint goes gold, story trailer

Farpoint goes gold, story trailer

The game features both an online two-player co-op mode and a single-player story campaign, which latter of which Luisi shares more about in his post alongside a new story trailer for the game. "After crash landing, you have to fight to survive as you explore and uncover the planet's secrets". Using the brand new PS Aim controller (or just a DualShock 4, although the game is really designed with the Aim in mind) you'll explore risky new worlds and even fight side-by-side in cooperative ...

Passenger Who Was Forcibly Removed From A United Airlines Flight To Sue

Bumping passengers is permitted by the US Department of Transportation as long as airlines provide some compensation - typically a voucher for future purchase - and a seat on a later flight. The following day, United Airlines chief executive Oscar Munoz issued a statement saying he apologises "for having to re-accommodate" the customers.

NASA Launches Spacecraft Named After John Glenn To Resupply ISS

John Glenn. It will remain at ISS for about 3 months. The capsule carries 7,626 pounds of cargo going to the International Space Station, including food, clothes, equipment and experiments for the crew on board the station. "While in space, after traveling a safe distance from the station, the fire is lit and data is collected before re-entering the Earth's atmosphere", said a statement from NASA.

New Panasonic 'Travel Zoom' camera

New Panasonic 'Travel Zoom' camera

The Focus Stacking function on the Panasonic ZS70 allows users to adjust the depth of field after shooting by combining multiple images shot with the Post Focus function, all inside the camera. There's a new 4K Selfie mode added here along with beauty functions like soft skin, defocusing and slimming effects. Users can choose between two Background Control modes: Defocus, where the subject's face is sharp and the background is blurred for a natural, attractive portrait; and Clear, where the ...