Watch it, cowboy: Japan's 9 safety tips for 'Pokemon Go'

The hope is, presumably, that they may also buy a Big Mac in the process. His comments were edited for space and clarity. Download weather apps , Number 3 suggests. The game's success has sent the stock price of Nintendo Co. soaring. As a result, the Japanese government has released a few safety guidelines which potential gamers should follow.

Niantic confirms trading is coming to Pokemon Go

Even if Pokemon Go does not directly contribute to Nintendo's earnings, it owns other characters like Super Mario and Zelda. "This mobile game application is developed and distributed by Niantic , The Pokémon Company , which is an affiliated company of Nintendo , holds the ownership rights to Pokémon ".

How Vine's Entire Source Code Was Online for Anyone to See

How Vine's Entire Source Code Was Online for Anyone to See

Once he reported the bug to Vine and showed them the full exploitation, the bug was fixed within five minutes, it goes without saying that Vine engineers rushed to plug the hole that could have done a lot of damage and they were certainly grateful that it was brought to their attention.

NASA astronauts train underwater to mimic Mars mission

NASA astronauts train underwater to mimic Mars mission

Today is the 5th day of the training. NASA team on the NEEMO 21 expedition will experience microgravity environments. NASA says that the bottom of the sea has extreme conditions which will prepare them for the Mars mission as the red planet will have even more harsh and extreme climatic conditions.

Star Trek Beyond soars at US box office

A new teaser was also released during a fan panel at the recent Comic Con in San Diego . " Star Trek Beyond" carries a solid 84 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is right in line with the first and second movies at 95 percent and 86 percent, respectively.

Pokemon Go gets big Comic-Con stage, creator talks success and future

Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game, whereby players must locate a Pokemon on the map and travel to its location. The small team at Niantic Labs, founded internally at Google and spun into an independent entity a year ago, has struggled to keep the game's servers running as more users join, Hanke said, and their current priority was to prevent servers from crashing.