Microsoft blames US stockpiled vulnerability for WannaCry ransomware attack

To make things worse, Microsoft, which used to provide custom security software support to its clients for $200 for each system in 2014, doubled the cost to $400 in 2015, thereby discouraging the companies from upgrading their systems. Ryan Kalember, senior vice president at Proofpoint Inc. which helped stop its spread , said the version without a kill switch could spread. The 22-year-old researcher known as "MalwareTech", who wanted to remain anonymous, said he spotted a hidden web address ...

United States should take some of blame for massive cyberattack, Chinese media says

Microsoft wanted hefty fees of up to $1,000 a year from businesses for "custom" support and protection against attacks like WannaCry, which locks your computer unless you pay the hackers in bitcoin, said the publication. "There's no waving that away". "Whether or not you think the USA government should be spending a fortune developing such cyber-weapons, surely it is obvious that the weapons they develop should be properly secured", said Phillip Hallam-Baker, principal scientist for New ...

Wannacry cyber attack compromised Russian banks in isolated cases

When public XP support ended in 2014, the government said it expected the majority of its machines to be upgraded within a year. For the three people reading this who might need a bit more context, WannaCry infests your computer either because you opened an infected email or message link, or were infected from other computers on your network (this could even mean just people who are using the same WiFi as you).

Nex Machina out on June 20, includes local co-op

Nex Machina out on June 20, includes local co-op

The game will release on June 20, 2017 and will also feature a cooperative multiplayer mode, which is unveiled today with the new trailer posted at the end of this article. The game promises to be one of the simplest, purest action arcade games out there. It also appears that the company will also be moving away from PlayStation exclusives and going multi-platform.

Arctic Council Should Look to Sub-National Actors

Arctic Council Should Look to Sub-National Actors

That's amidst fears that United States President Donald Trump will soon pull the US out of the Paris Agreement on climate change. While Tillerson has advocated for the U.S. Trump also had pledged to boost the US oil and gas drilling and coal mining industries with his "America First" energy policy. Canada's foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland, began her remarks in Russian, transitioned into English and ended her speech in French.

GST Council meets to fit rates, states come up with wish-list

The meeting is chaired by Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, reported a national news portal. Kerala Finance Minister Thomas Isaac made a case for 5 per cent tax on gold under GST instead of 1 per cent being demanded by some quarters as he felt that the precious metal is not an essential commodity.