Has Jared Kushner flown too close to the sun?

Between Sean Spicer's increasingly frustrating performance as press secretary and the White House communications director's resignation , Donald Trump has his hands full trying to fully staff his administration. The broad outlines of the Post's reporting was later confirmed by other outlets, including the Associated Press and New York Times . Trump even bragged to those Russian officials in his White House meeting with them that the firing of FBI Director James Comey would ...

Massive blast rocks Kabul diplomatic quarter

A statement from the foreign ministry said the explosion was very powerful, causing "signficant" damage to the Egyptian embassy's building and the ambassador's residence in Afghanistan. Earlier this month , eight people were killed in a suicide bomb attack on a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation convoy. The U.S. Embassy in Kabul , located near the blast site, advised its citizens to avoid travelling in the area and cancelled its appointments for the day.

Trump lawyer Michael Cohen won't cooperate with Congress

Trump lawyer Michael Cohen won't cooperate with Congress

The leaders of the committee said last week that they also meant to issue subpoenas for records of two of Flynn's companies, Flynn Intel LLC and Flynn Intel Inc. Cohen also reportedly has ties to the Kremlin. Two weeks ago Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed former FBI Director Robert Muller as independent counsel in the Trump-Russia probe following two days of intense bipartisan criticism stemming from The New York Times reporting that recently fired FBI Director James ...

Injuries at German embassy in Kabul, Afghan personnel likely dead: Germany

Chaos and confusion prevailed at the Amani Upper Secondary School, an elite school supported by Germany that is half a mile from the scene of the attack. The ministry did not have details on the possible target of the attack. The Taliban, seeking to reimpose Islamic rule after their 2001 ouster by US -led forces, denied responsibility and said they condemned attacks that have no legitimate target and killed civilians.

Trump misspells press 'covfefe,' and Twitter takes notice

Donald Trump's Twitter account is arguably the most controversial and most talked-about account on the social media platform, so it is understandable why he has such a huge following (being the president of the United States probably helps, too).

Kerbal Space Program acquired by Take-Two Interactive

Kerbal Space Program acquired by Take-Two Interactive

The game offers three gameplay modes: Sandbox, where you're free to build anything your imagination can come up with; Science Mode lets you perform scientific experiments and advance the knowledge of the Kerbals to unlock new technologies; and Career Mode, where you control every aspect of the space program, including crew management, reputation building, as well as embarking on side missions called "contracts" to earn funds and upgrade your space center facilities (or fix them).