How to get Pokemon Go on your iPhone in the United Kingdom today

How to get Pokemon Go on your iPhone in the United Kingdom today

The only big difference is that the game is in Chinese, and it doesn't use the phone's camera for the augment reality features that you get in Pokemon Go, so the experience is a little bit more limited. The problem is mostly on Apple devices but a few Android users have also reported problems. "Pokemon" Go players who used Google to log into the app on their iOS devices learned they inadvertently allowed game developer Niantic Labs full access to their Google accounts.

How to stop Pokemon Go seeing everything in your Google account

Niantic , the company that made the game, issued a response to concerns about the game's potential access to users' Google accounts via Apple's iOS , including email and private documents. Unfortunately, Android users are plum out of luck for now, as this update and change is only being implemented for iOS users . The company never needed to or meant to request full access to your account.

Daniel Murphy: Murphy haunts Mets with two-run home run

Matz (L, 7-5) got into trouble in the first inning when he walked Jayson Werth ahead of newly minted Met killer Daniel Murphy . "And the players I had - Jeff Kent, Moises Alou, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds". "We're still in a race", manager Terry Collins said. The Mets are now six games behind the Nats in the division, same as the Miami Marlins. The ex-Met continued to torture his old team this weekend, hitting two more home runs as the Nations took three of four games at Citi Field.

Driver watched 'Harry Potter' as self-driving vehicle crash crashed

Brown was watching a movie at the time of the accident. The bottom of the trailer hit the Model S's windshield, which led to the accident on US-27A, a road with a 65 miles per hour speed limit, according to Tesla . The Autopilot system, which uses sensors and cameras to detect potential obstacles in the road ahead, didn't see a truck turning left in front of Brown's vehicle, and never applied the brakes, according to Tesla's own blog post on the incident.

SEC is investigating Tesla for possible violation of securities law

The Palo Alto, CA-based company alerted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to the fatal May 7 accident and probed whether the vehicle was using the Autopilot function. "What Tesla was doing with autopilot was saying it was far more than it was", he said. Paul Grieco, one of the lawyers for the Brown family, told Reuters his firm has received calls from other Tesla owners involved in accidents, some involving autopilot and others not.