House Dems to WH: Revoke Kushner's security clearance

House Dems to WH: Revoke Kushner's security clearance

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters Wednesday that questions related to the investigation potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation will now be referred to President Donald Trump's personal lawyer.

NASA plans to send probe to 'touch the sun'

NASA plans to send probe to 'touch the sun'

The spacecraft will come seven times closer to the sun than any other mission before it. The mission is set for launch atop a United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy rocket from Florida's Kennedy Space Center on July 31, 2018 . Parker, who is days away from his 90th birthday, described the mission as "very exciting". Why is the Sun's atmosphere hotter than its surface? The solar mission is a major one, marking the first time humans have sent a probe "close" to the sun in search of ...

Won't judge Trump for exiting Paris accord

Joking about the effects of climate change , Putin said "American imperialism" was the reason for Russia's summer weather. Vladimir Putin has ridiculed allegations of Russian meddling in United States elections, accusing the Democrats of trying to shift blame for their defeat and likening the accusations against Moscow to anti-Semitism.

Big US companies stay on White House panel despite climate jolt

Both countries have been outspoken in their climate change concerns and support for the Paris agreement. "I believe the United States of America should be at the front of the pack". Other administration officials gave similar answers Thursday and Friday, including Ryan Zinke, the interior secretary; Kellyanne Conway, the White House counselor; and Gary Cohn, the president's national economics adviser.

Evangelical Reactions to Trump Pulling Out of Paris Climate Deal

The comparison shows the striking differences between the 44th and 45th president. A letter on behalf of Apple , Google , Unilever and more, outlined the reasons why the USA must remain committed to the climate agreement , arguing it will strengthen competitiveness, create jobs , and reduce business risks.

Trump quitting climate treaty 'very regrettable' - Angela Merkel

Michael Bloomberg is pledging to fill a funding gap created by President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord , offering up to $15 million to support the United Nations agency that helps countries implement the accord.