Pruitt: Americans Should Not Apologize for Paris Accord Withdrawal

By withdrawing from the agreement, Trump is making good on a promise he made on the campaign trail. But the evangelical environmentalists said the decision was out of line with Biblical priorities because it would degrade the environment and hurt the poor.

Apple To Launch Siri Speaker Product To Rival Echo

App Store downloads are up more than 70% in the trailing 12 months compared to the preceding 12-month period. The statistic casts doubt on the reports of "app fatigue", a phenomenon that is widely thought to be spreading through the smartphone population.

British Airways Board to Demand Independent Inquiry Into IT Outage

British Airways Board to Demand Independent Inquiry Into IT Outage

CBRE, which manages the facilities at the airline's Boadicea House data centre near Heathrow , hit back at the claims. Instead, the meltdown appears to have been triggered by overheating in the data centre, which had been designed in the 1980s, and claims that the data centre and its cooling systems have not been adequately maintained as the building has filled up with hardware.

SpaceX tries again to launch 1st recycled supply ship

SpaceX tries again to launch 1st recycled supply ship

While this Falcon booster is new, SpaceX will attempt to land it at Cape Canaveral following liftoff so it, too, can be reused . Nasa's Neutron Star Interior Composition Explorer, or NICER, will be flown to the ISS ( International Space Station ) aboard SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket .

Apple is manufacturing its Siri-based smart speaker, could debut next week

Despite that, it won't be ready to ship. The Siri Speaker is expected to be built by Inventec, the same company that makes the AirPods headphones for Apple . According to sources close to the company, the Siri Speaker has now entered the manufacturing stage. Late previous year, the speaker has reached an advanced prototype stage.

Apple Announces Developer Earnings From the App Store Have Topped $70 Billion

Rumors of a Siri speaker raises the question of what Microsoft has in the works to keep its Cortana voice assistant competitive. We're expecting to see a to see a lot at WWDC this year, including a dedicated Siri Speaker and new versions of Apple's various operating systems: iOS, watchOS, tvOS and macOS.