NewsAlert: Canadian 'impacted' by London terror attack, official says

All three wee later shot dead by local police at the scene. The British Transport Police said one of their officers, among the first to arrive, took the attackers on armed only with his baton and was seriously wounded. Police later said Masood had no links to extremist groups such as ISIS or al-Qaeda. Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley of the Metropolitan Police force said in a released statement that around 10:08 p.m.

Trump's 'big mistake' on climate doesn't outweigh ties with Europe

Trump's 'big mistake' on climate doesn't outweigh ties with Europe

It was to come into effect in 2020. Rebecca Lindland, an executive analyst with Kelley Blue Book, said Trump's decision won't have an immediate impact on automakers, who had no specific targets to meet under the Paris agreement . Times they plan to "do everything America would have done if it had stayed committed". More importantly, the article indicates that California and NY intend to carry on with their own programmes to "clean up power plants and vehicles".

China rules out renegotiation of Paris climate deal

Trump's June 1 speech outlined his conclusions about the trade-offs and data for evaluating them. So far no countries have said they will follow Trump's lead, which has been widely condemned, with China and Europe pledging to unite to save " Mother Earth " in the face of Trump's decision to take the world's second largest carbon polluter out of the Paris climate change pact.

The French Government Trolls Trump On The Paris Climate Accords

The US is roughly halfway to its initial Paris Agreement goal of reducing carbon emissions by about 25 per cent by 2025, and was set to meet its goal before Trump's rapid-fire deregulations. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn labelled Trump's action "reckless and dangerous" and accused May of "subservience" to the President. It's a dereliction of both her duty to this country and our duty to our planet.

NASA all set to launch world's first mission to Sun next year

NASA all set to launch world's first mission to Sun next year

Scientists hope its data will improve forecasts of solar storms and space weather events that affect life on Earth, satellites and astronauts in space. "I'm sure that there will be some surprises", he added. In what is humanity's first mission to visit a star, the pioneering undertaking will seek to unlock the mysteries at the centre of our solar system, such as the origins of solar winds and why the Sun's outermost layer is hotter than its surface.

Cavaliers want to ramp up physicality but won't 'dirty up' game

The final score of 113-91 doesn't do justice. We can't let Durant get easy baskets like that. While Cleveland searches for the right adjustments, Golden State's roster of perfectionists believes it can play far better still with KD and Steph leading the way, or any of the others who are capable of getting hot in a hurry.