Apple unveils iOS 11, Siri speaker and new iPad Pro at WWDC

That's especially important because people are starting to access information, entertainment and search in a more "pervasive" way that's less dependent on smarthphones, he said. Federighi showed off some of the new machine-learning capabilities of SiriKit in the iOS update, including on-device learning about topics that are pertinent to each user.

Inch iPad Pro Expected To Be Announced Today

Apple showed off how powerful the new iMac hardware is via a fancy VR demonstration - showcasing the "native VR support" in High Sierra - that was pretty impressive, though it's obviously hard to get a feel for how it would perform in person without going hands-on.

Apple unveils updates and a world without apps

So, today, we catch a glimpse of macOS High Sierra , which is shaping up to be a pretty impressive upgrade over its predecessor, macOS Sierra . There are also updates to many apps, including the Mail app, as well as the underlying file system , which has been now updated to a faster and more modern APFS.

Apple launches iMac Pro with Xeon CPU and Vega GPU

The most exciting announcement regarding the iMac and MacBook Pro variations, at least to me, is the price drop, allowing consumers better access to more power. Starting on Monday, Apple is providing developers with a kit consisting of a Thunderbolt 3-based graphics card enclosure, AMD's Radeon RX 580 graphics card, and a USB Type-C hub.

SpaceX launches 1st recycled cargo ship

The first-stage booster was brand new, but as is now the custom, it returned to Cape Canaveral after liftoff for a vertical touchdown. The company will try again Saturday. Dragon will be filled with nearly 6,000 pounds of supplies and payloads, including critical materials to directly support dozens of the more than 250 science and research investigations that will occur during Expeditions 52 and 53.

Here comes an animated sequel to Starship Troopers

Here comes an animated sequel to Starship Troopers

Here's a synopsis: In Traitor of Mars , Johnny Rico ( Casper Van Dien ) has just been demoted and sent to a small satellite station on Mars whilst the Federation attacks the bugs' home planet. What's more, the animated Starship Troopers movie features a script from the original film's writer, Ed Neumeier . The bugs have breached Mars and the Federation's Fleet is too far to help.